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Who is the most 'jacked' fighter in the UFC?

Mixed martial arts (MMA), like any other sport, requires commitment and dedication. Aside from the time spent perfecting their respective craft, any athlete must also dedicate time to their body.

Not every mixed martial artist has the "Adonis" body type (here's looking at you, Roy Nelson), nor is it a pre-requisite, but most fighters dedicate the time to their physique as much as any other athlete as say, the NFL or NBA.

The toll training camps and the fight themselves have on the body is brutal and taxing to say the least. A good physique can help aleviate that toll and can often times equate to a strength advantage over the opposition; though it does not necessarily mean victories.

So, who is the most "jacked" fighter in the UFC?

According to the "Top 100 Most Jacked UFC/MMA Fighters" list created by it's none other than "The Demolition Man," Alistair Overeem.

Standing at 6'5 and weighing in at 260 pounds, Overeem truly is a behemoth among men.

Once competing in the 205 pound division, Overeem has gained over 50 pounds of pure muscle mass over the years in order to compete with the big boys of the heavyweight division.

Aside from having good genetics and ingesting a heavy dosage of horse meat as a source of protein, Alistair has obviously put his time in at the gym -- as have the rest of the fighters who made the list.

Make the jump to see the rest of the top 10 most "jacked" fighters in the UFC.


# 2 Cheick Kongo


#3 Sean Sherk


#4 Georges St. Pierre (UFC Welterweight Champion)


#5 Rousimar Palhares


#6 Thiago Alves


#7 Papy Abedi


# 8 Melvin Guillard


#9 Kyle Kingsbury


#10 Anthony Johnson


There you have it, the top 10 "jacked" fighters in mixed martial arts today. What say you, do you agree with the rankings?

To see all 100 fighters on the list, click here.

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