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Rick Story tells his side of training session beatdown accusations made by Mike Pierce

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A week after UFC welterweight Mike Pierce told a tale of Rick Story brutally beating an amateur sparring partner in practice, Story has decided to tell his side of the incident.

Pierce, who trained alongside Story at Brave Legion Gym in Vancouver, Washington, under head trainer Pat White, recently claimed "The Horror" mercilessly beat up an aspiring mixed martial artist under the orders of White.

The alleged victim was also known to be a sufferer of Vertigo, a type of dizziness dictated by a feeling of motion even when one is standing still.

According to Pierce, the beat down was ordered because the rookie constantly backed away and covered up for protection, a classic mistake made by amateurs. Apparently, White ordered both Pierce and Story to just knock the kid out. Pierce refused, and the disturbing scene was enough for him to leave the gym and pursue training elsewhere.

As usual, though, there are two sides to the story.

Speaking via his personal blog, Story says that everything Pierce revealed is utter and complete bullsh*t:

"What Mike Pierce said about me hitting Abel when he was on a knee saying stop is BULL SHIT. Abel wasn't some random person off the street either. At the time he was 1-1 as a professional and had been training with us for 3 months. He was a 4 time All-American for William Penn college in Iowa and actually beat me at nationals my first match my junior year at Southern Oregon University. What Mike also decided to forget to say is how many times Abel had tapped him that week in training (I think 2 by guillotine). What Mike also forgot to admit was how well Abel did in sparring against Brad Blackburn (at the time current UFC welterweight). Abel was new to our team but not new to the sport and not a poor defenseless kid. Abel did have Vertigo and had taken time off. Pat would not let him spar without a doctor's note saying he was cleared. I had talked with Abel before the session and asked him how his Vertigo was doing, he said he was cleared but to be safe I told him I would only throw body shots. We do spar hard at BRAVE LEGION but not stupid. I would never hit anyone that was telling me stop. Pat would never encourage the continuance of hitting someone that says stop. Anyone that has half a brain would realize this wouldn't be something that could be kept secret for very long. How come this sounds like an isolated incident? Probably because it's a lie. Anyone that knows me would agree that I am not that kind of a person. Mike and Pat were never friends, Mike had been kicked off our team before because he wasn't a team player and it was just a fact their personalities clashed. The only reason we let Mike back on the team is because I told Pat I wanted him as a practice partner. Pat is an awesome coach a great friend and only has our team's best interest in mind. I listen to Pats coaching and don't think listening to my coach is a bad thing. I am a college graduate, spent 8 years in the National Guard and was a Platoon Leader for almost two years. I make my own decisions but work as a teammate with my coach and business partner Pat White bottom line, and because Mike is not a team player he probably wouldn't understand this concept. Mike is obviously trying to maliciously affect our gym and my career by telling lies about Pat and Myself. He seems like a crazy ex-girlfriend that tries to make their ex-boyfriends life miserable. I don't intend on having an Internet battle just giving my side to everyone. I have read the forums and I am seriously amazed at some of the things people say only hearing one side."

Story, who recently had reason to be thankful as he revealed he signed a new contract with the organization despite losing two consecutive fights, definitely got a buzz kill and negative press after Pierce's revelation just a few days after.

Now that Story has revealed his side, maybe he can get some positive press.

To read Story's full blog, which includes his own not so good tales of Pierce -- which include locking his girlfriend's kid in a room because he was annoying him -- click here.

One thing is for sure: if UFC matchmaker Joe Silva ever decides to square these two off inside the Octagon, it's got a built in storyline with a ton of heat on both sides.

Ready made.

You've heard both sides of the story now, Maniacs. Who do you believe?

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