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Mole-hem: Jason Miller says the Michael Bisping camp is feeding him secrets

They say what goes around, comes around (no word on who "they" are yet).

Jason Miller, and later his opponent, Michael Bisping, are learning that very fact right now. That's because "Mayhem" says he must have some good karma thanks to John Dodson's rampant insubordination during The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 this year.

Dodson, you see, was selling secrets to the other side, popping off at the mouth to Team Bisping about what Team Miller was doing in training.

Now, it seems, the tables have turned.

That's according to Miller, who writes in his blog that he's got buddies feeding him information on his upcoming opponent at the TUF 14 Finale on Dec. 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In ironic twist news- I'm totally getting reimbursed for John Dodson's insubordination. I'm not even asking about Michael's training, but for some reason all the friends that I've had for years that are working with him seem to be inclined to tell me about his camp and what he's doing. I don't want or need this info, I'm going to beat him regardless, just found it interesting. Pretty karmic.

Karmic, indeed.

The question is whether or not it will matter. "Mayhem" doesn't think so, as he's saying he's going to win the bout regardless and move on to bigger and better 185-pound things.

For his part, Bisping has been annoyed with Miller since day one and promises to "kick his ass" on Dec. 3 at the Palms Casino Resort in "Sin City."

But if he's got a mole in his camp, will he actually be able to?

We shall see next Saturday night, Maniacs.

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