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Phil Davis vs Rashad Evans? Mr. Wonderful says, 'I'd like that'

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Phil Davis is looking to cash in his rain check.

The undefeated light heavyweight phenom, who was forced to pull out of his UFC 133 headliner against Rashad Evans last August due to an injured knee, is ready to pick up where he left off as he prepares for his 2012 fight campaign.

Namely, in a main event opposite Evans. Davis, who thinks it's a fight that "makes sense," gives a "Wonderful" explanation to MMA Weekly:

"That may be a fight that makes sense. He’s still a top five guy, definitely one of the best guys in the world, we’ll see what happens. If that fight gets made, that’s still pretty cool. I’d like that. I personally don’t know or care, cause the great thing about me is you can give me somebody in the top five, or the top ten, or you can give me somebody not in the top ten, and I’m still confident that I’m going to win regardless. If you want to pay me not to fight someone not in the top ten, cool. Let me know what’s next. I don’t make the decisions and I don’t pretend that I do."

And the winner gets ...

The 205-pound division has yet to sort itself out.

Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida are set to do battle on Dec. 10 in Toronto and the winner may be looking at a 2012 title defense against Dan Henderson -- assuming "Hendo" doesn't try to finagle a middleweight rematch against Anderson Silva.

That means Evans, who has been flirting with a grudge match against "Bones," may still be one or two fights away from settling that score. And if "The Dragon" pulls off the upset north of the border, well, all match-making hell will surely break loose.

In the meantime, is "Evans vs. Davis a fight that interests you? And is it the right bout to make in relation to the current state of the division?


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