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Did Cain Velasquez have inside information about Junior dos Santos' knee injury?

Photo by Donald Miralle via Zuffa LLC/Getty Images
Photo by Donald Miralle via Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Maybe, maybe not. But, "Cigano" is a bit puzzled why Velasquez focused on his left knee, kicking it seven times in less than one minute.

From his comments on "Bem Amigos" (via SporTV):

"His strategy (Velasquez) we knew that was to take me down but I don't know whether he knew about my injury on the left knee. But in one minute he kicked me seven times and accepted to trade on the feet, something I think he wouldn't do in a normal situation."

Spygate, part deux?

Dos Santos captured the heavyweight crown with a thunderous right hand during the UFC on FOX telecast back on Nov. 12 in Anaheim, California.

And he did it with a torn meniscus.

If Velasquez knew about the bum knee (ironically, he had one of his own), it would answer a lot of the post-fight questions surrounding his decision to stand and trade with the heavy-handed Brazilian rather than push forward with repeated takedowns.

It would also create new ones, especially after Quinton Jackson went on a "Rampage" about having spies in his camp prior to his UFC 135 title fight back in September.

Was leg-kick-gate a case of espionage? Or just a nuts-and-bolts offense that happened to hit Junior right in the sweet spot?

Opinions, please. Brazilian correspondent Eduardo Cruz contributed to this report.

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