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UFC 139 results: Dan Henderson vs Shogun Rua Fight Video Highlights

Dan Henderson wins a close decision over Mauricio Rua in an absolute classic in the main event of UFC 139: "Shogun vs. Henderson" last night (Sat., Nov. 19, 2011) at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. After just missing each other in Pride, "Hendo" and "Shogun" finally got together and put on a bout that may or may not win "Fight of the Year." Really, this was a fight for the ages and one you definitely need to watch as soon as you get the chance. In the meantime, here are the highlights to satiate you. To check out the complete fight recap click here and for complete UFC 139 results and live fight coverage of all the night's action click here.

Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio Rua (205-pound limit)

Round one: Both men still and ready. Leg kick from Rua. HUGE right cross from Hendo and Shogun's knees buckle. Shogun shoots and Hendo locks in a choke. Hendo lets it go and unleashes of barrage of power shots that bloodies Shogun's face!!! Another big right hook and Shogun again falls to the mat and grabs Henderson's legs in desperation. Now their tied up against the cage and Hendo tosses Rua to the mat and walks away like a badass. Nice knee and right from Rua. Leg kick from Shogun. Shogun charges in and looks for a take down and he lands a good right elbow on the break. Big right from Hendo glances. Right left combo from Henderson. Body shot from Shogun and now Rua lands a good right that puts Hendo to the mat. Hendo holding onto a leg and gets up and lands a big right hand. Uppercut from Rua and then a right and then a head kick. Jab from Rua. Nice right from Hendo. Hard left from Rua and now their tied up against the cage. Good knees from Hendo to the body. That is the bell and round 1 was all Henderson. 10-9 Henderson.

Round two: Shogun is cut pretty good above the left eye. Jab from Rua. Uppercut from Hendo. Jab from Henderson. Jab from Shogun. Henderson with a duck under and knee to the body as they clinch against the cage. Knee to the thigh from Henderson. Good elbow from Shogun and counter right from Hendo on the break. Right from Henderson and then an uppercut land HARD. HARD left to the body. Counter left from Rua after Henderson unloaded a powerful combo. Body sho from Rua. Right from Henderson. Good right from Rua. Henderson with a right and leg kick. Body shot from Rua and right from Hendo. Now their clinched against the cage. Good right from Rua. Good hard body shot and combo from Henderson. Henderson in the dominant position in the clinch. Knees to the thigh from Henderson. Hard right to the body from Henderson. The ref with a clean break. Jab from Rua. Jab from Rua and a good right. Henderson with a uppercut and right hook combo. That is the bell and another round for Hendo although this one was closer. 10-9 Henderson.

Round three: Jab from both men. Jab from Hendo. Good uppercut from both men. Two hard uppercuts form Henderson. Counter right from Rua. Body kick from Rua. Now their clinched against the cage. Henderson with a brief take down but cannot get onto Rua and he is up. Jab fom Rua and another. Good right from Rua. Henderson lands a HUGE right hand that drops Shogun and now Henderson on top on the ground. Henderson is landing some vicious ground and pound punches!! Henderson with an uppercut and an elbow now. Rua is gushing blood! Rua now grabs a leg and is going for a heel hook! Henderson si out and now their back to the feet!!! Shogun's face looks like raw hamburger meat! Now their clinched against the cage. Hendeson with elbows to the body. Both men gasping for air. HUGE elbows to the side of Rua's head. Shogun with a take down and now he is landing some good punches! Henderson stands up and eats a right from Shogun on the way up. Their back to the clinch against the cage. Elbow from Rua. That is the bell and another round for Henderson, but both men looked gassed out. 10-9 Henderson.

Round four: Shogun's face is a mess. But both men are gassed. Shogun shoots for a single and gets the take down and Hendo pops up but eats some good punches. Now hendo takes Rua's back and rolls him over in a crucifix. Henderson has a choke! Rua slips out! Now their back to the feet an uppercut from Rua. Henderson with a take down and he is into side control. Rua grabs half guard now. Henderson now has a one arm guillotine locked in! Hendo looses it though and is now on top in full guard. HUGE right from Henderson and another BOMB! Now Rua scrambles and Hendo lands a knee to the body and Rua is back to his feet. Both men are tired and they should be. Jab from Rua. Right from Hendo and uppercut from Rua. Right from Shogun. Jab from Henderson. HARD uppercut from Rua! Henderson is hurt!! Henderson shoots for a double and Rua gets out! Big right from Henderson and jab from Rua!!! Jab from Both men. Right from Both men. Rua now with a take down with 20 seconds left. Full mount for Shogun and he is raining punches!!! Shogun has the back but Henderson reveses and is on top!!!! Elbow from Henderson at the bell!!!! OH MY GOD THIS FIGHT IS AMAZING. 10-9 Henderson.

Round five: Shogun's face is a bloody mess, Henderson cannot breathe, and this is the best fight i've ever seen. Both men look like theyve been through a war which they have. They engage and shogun with the take down! Knee to the body from Shogun from Side control. Henderson trying to walk the cage. Shogun gets into full mount!!! Rua landing big blows. Hendo looking to buck out of this spot. Henderson trying to stall it out. Henderson gets out of the mount now and Henderson has half guard. Shogun again with full mount!!! Henderson gives up his back!!! Henderson gets half guard and then Rua with the full mount again!!! Henderson is gassed and Shogun is landing a big shot. Henderson trying to hold down Rua and just stall out this round he is gassed. Rua with good hammer fists and punches. Henderson gets to half guard. Shogun again with the full mount!! Punches from Rua. That is the bell, wow. Rua dominated to a 10-8 round, but I have Henderson winning rounds 1-4 with maybe round 4 being a toss up. This was the best fight ive ever got the pleasure to watch. Could be a draw. 10-8 Rua.

Final result: Dan Henderson defeats Mauricio Rua via Unanimous Decision

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