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M-1 Global: 'Fedor vs. Monson' results and LIVE play-by-play coverage on Nov. 20 from Moscow

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M-1 Global hit Moscow this morning (Sun., Nov. 20, 2011) with its latest event, "Fedor vs. Monson" from the grand Olympic Arena in Moscow, Russia.

In the main event of the evening, the once pound-for-pound king, Fedor Emelianenko, looked to end his three-fight winless skid, as he took on grizzled Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran and ADCC champion, Jeff Monson

Mission accomplished.

Fedor battered Monson with a nice mixture of leg kicks and floored him on more than a few occasions with some nice right hands. Fedor showed great composure and patience, refusing to play into Monson's ground game once he floored him with a few well place punches.

Monson could never get anything going and never succesfully scored a takedown as Fedor demonstrated great takedown defense, stuffing all of Monson's attempts.

No rest for the weary though, as it was revealed that Fedor will return on New Years to face former Olympic judo player, Satoshi Ishi.

Join us for complete M-1 Global: "Fedor vs. Monson" results and play-by-play after the jump:


265 lbs.: Fedor Emelianenko def. Jeff Monson via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Daniel Weichel def. Jose Figueroa via KO round one
170 lbs.: Alexander Yakovlev def. Juan Manuel Suarez via TKO at 3:15 round two
155 lbs.: Mairbek Taisumov def. Joshua Thorpe via KO at 3:15 round two
185 lbs.: Albert Duraev def.Xavier Foupa-Pokam vis submission (triangle choke) at 2:40 round two


155 lbs.: Yuri Ivlev def. Jerome Bouisson via KO at 0:58 round one
265 lbs.: Alexander Volkov  def.Arsen Abdulkerimov via KO round one
205 lbs.: Salim Davidov def. Sergey Kornev via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Mikhail Malyutin def. Seydina Seck via KO round one
155 lbs.: Nikolai Kaushansky vs. Alexander Vinogradov


185 lbs.: Albert Duraev vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam

Round 1: Duraev drops "Professor X" early in the first, but he quickly recovers and ends up in half guard. Poukam lands a couple of punches on Duraev. Duraev goes for an armbar. Duraev is putting some torque on the arm but Poukam escapes and begins to land some punches. Poukam mounts and begins with some ground-and-pound as the first round comes to an end. Poukam wins the round 10-9.

Round 2: Poukam goes for the takedown early and gets it. No action on the ground and the ref brings it up to the feet. Poukam quickly scores another takedown and lands some punches from side control. Duraev looks for an armbar but Poukam defends well. Duraev quickly switches to a triangle; It's in tight and Poukam is forced to tap.

Duraev defeats Poukam via triangle choke at the 2:40 mark in the second round.

155 lbs.: Joshua Thorpe vs. Mairbek Taisumov

Round one: Taisumov opens up with a leg kick. Both fighters exchange some kicks to the body. Thorpe catches Taisumov's kick and lets it go. Taisumov scores the takedown and Thorpe quickly brings it back to the feet. Taisumov continues to pepper Thorpe with some nice leg kicks. Thorpe goes for the takedown but Taisumov stuffs it and quickly turns a takedown of his own. Taisumov gets the back, gets both hooks in and starts landing some punches on Thorpe as the round comes to an end.
Taisumov wins the round 10-9

Round two: Thorpe goes in and whiffs on a spinning back fist. Both fighters tentative in the second round. Thorpe lands a few jabs. Taisumov lands a nice leg kick to the body. Thorpe with his hands down, almost showboating. Taisumov leaps in with a right hand and clips Thorpe, sending him down to the canvas. Taisumov follows up with a few more punches for good measure and Thorpe is out for the count.

Taisumov wins via KO at 3:15 round two.


155 lbs.: Jerome Bouisson vs. Yuri Ivlev

Round one: Ivlev lands a nice kick to open up the action. Ivlev lands a head kicked that was partially blocked. Another leg kick followed up by a lighting quick right hand that lands flush and drops Bouisson. The referee quickly steps in to save Bouisson. Very impressive showing from Ivlev who is also known as baby Fedor.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is in the crowd, is impressed with Ivlev's performance

Yuri Ivlev wins via KO at 0:58 round one.


170 lbs.: Alexander Yakovlev vs. Juan Manuel Suarez

Round one: Suarez opens up with a nice leg kick. Both trading kicks. Yakovlev scores the takedown. Suarez working for an armbar. The fight is brought back to the feet. Yakovlev gets tagged with a nice right but quickly scores another takedown. Yakovlev landing some punches from half guard. Suarez looks for a triangle and then for an armbar. Yakovlev begins to land some more punches and Suarez quickly grabs an arm. Round ends.

Yakovlev wins the round 10-9

Round 2: Yakovlev scores a takedown and continues to land some punches to the head and body. Suarez trying to hip escape but Yakovlev has great control. After little action the fighters are stood up. Yakovlev tags Suarez with a good left hand and scores another takedown. Full mount for Yakovlev, Suarez gives up his back. Yakovlev landing some nice elbows to the ribs of Suarez and quickly stars with some ground-and-pound and the ref is forced to step in and save Suarez.

Yakovlev wins via TKO at 3:15 round two

Putin gives Yukovlev two thumbs up.


155 lbs.: Daniel Weichel vs. Jose Figueroa M-1 lightweight title fight

Round one: Both fighters exchange jabs and right hands. Figueroa clearly has a reach advantage on the much smaller challenger. Inside leg kicks from Figueroa. Weichel closes the distance and lands a nice right hand that drops Figueroa. Weichel goes in for the finish and lands two more punches and the ref quickly steps in to stop the action.  Very impressive showing from Daniel Weichel.

Weichel defeats Figueroa via KO in round one to become the new M-1 lightweight champion.


Main Event

265 lbs.: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Jeff Monson

Round one: Monson shoots for the takedown but Fedor evades. Fedor connects with a nice leg kick. Fedor connects with a few jabs that causes blood to run from the nose of Monson. More leg kicks from Fedor. Fedor with a more cautious stance. Low blow from Fedor. Monson shoots for the takedown but Fedor quickly stuffs it and scores a takedown. The fight is quickly brought to the feet. Fedor continues to land some nice low leg kicks. Fedor connect with a right hand that drops Monson. Fedor goes in for the finish but Monson survives. The fight is back to the feet and Fedor drops Monson one more time with a few seconds left in the first round.

Fedor wins the round 10-9

Round two: Fedor drops Monson in the opening seconds of round two but does not go in for the finish and allows Monson to stand. More leg kicks from Fedor that are hitting their mark. Monson goes in for the takedown but Fedor stuffs. Fedor drops Monson again with a straight right hand. Again, Fedor allows Monson to stand. Fedor avoiding the takedown again from Monson. Monson wants Fedor to go to the ground but Fedor has none of it. Fedor stuffs another takedown attempt. Fedor lands some nice inside leg kicks.

Fedor wins the round 10-9

Round three: Fedor lands a nice right to the nose of Monson. Lands a nice leg kick that drops Monson. Fedor lands a couple nice rights. Monson not really looking to strike as Fedor continues to pepper him with some jabs and a few rights. The ref breaks the action to have the doctor check Monson cut on his lip.

Fight continues.

Monson misses with an overhand right. Fedor stuffs yet another takedown. Fedor lands a nice left as he misses with a leg kick. Monson attempts another takedown but misses. Fedor connects with a few more rights as the round comes to an end.

Fedor wins the round 10-9

Fedor Emelianenko wins via unanimous decision