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UFC 138 videos blog with Chris Leben (Episode two)

"For me to take two hits to land one, that's a calibrated risk that I've taken. It's generally in my gameplan because if I can get that guy suckered into thinking he can hit me a few times, I put my head down -- catch a few on top of the head -- and then come back up with an uppercut … BANG! You know? Lights out for him. Everybody can say I'm a brawler and, 'Oh, Chris got lucky.' Every time I go on [the Internet] after a win, it's always, 'Chris got lucky or I landed a wild shot.' How many wild shots can you really land? How many times can you really be lucky? This is my 21st fight in the UFC and I'm still around. I must be doing something right."

Chris Leben has a message for all the folks who think he's a lucky, one-trick punching pony: His seemingly reckless style is all part of his master plan. During his time with the promotion the "Crippler" has compiled an impressive record (12-6), with seven of those victories coming via strikes. Will he get "lucky" again in the UFC 138 main event against Mark Munoz or will the "Filipino Wrecking Machine" resist the urge to get suckered into Leben's trap and walkaway victorious? To check out the first episode of Chris Leben's UFC 138 video blog click here.

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