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Chael Sonnen explains why he is the true champion and Anderson Silva is an imposter

Ever since Chael Sonnen choked out Brian Stann at UFC 136 last month to re-establish his place among the 185-pound elite, fans have been wondering when and if the trash-talking wrestler would get another crack at the middleweight crown.

Turns out he may not even need one.

That's because in Sonnen's eyes, he is the division champion, not Anderson Silva, despite losing to "The Spider" by submission at UFC 117 back in 2010.

So how can the ex-Realtor justify himself as king of the middleweights?

"I fight 'em all. I am the middleweight champion and I take on all comers. He's an imposter. The clear distinction between the true champion and that bum is that. I'll fight 'em all, I don't care what their name is, what their record is, big fight, little fight, this fight, that fight, I will fight. Period. Vitor Belfort calls me out? That's no problem Vitor. You mean nothing to me. Let's fight. You challenge me, I accept your challenge stupid. Now what are you gonna do? Nothing. You just said it because you knew my plate was full. Wrong. I will stomp you. I don't need to take Dana's time, he doesn't need to schedule a lunch with me. Send me a text message, that's it."

Hear more from Sonnen, courtesy of Pro MMA Now, after the jump.

How about it fight fans, is it time for Silva to accept a rematch? Or does he have other business to attend to first in the UFC middleweight division?


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