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Video: Ronda Rousey breaks Julia Budd's arm at Strikeforce Challengers 20

In case you missed it last night (and based on the numbers, it sure looks like you did), here's the video of the short but sweet fight (if you can call it that) pitting Ronda Rousey vs. Julia Budd at Strikeforce Challengers 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For those of you that can't watch video, here's a short play-by-play, courtesy of yours truly:

Round one: Budd opens with a few short shots, to which Rousey answers by clinching and pushing her into the fence. Rousey gets a trip takedown into half guard and wastes roughly one second before moving to full mount. She throws three punches to open Budd up and turns over to lock in an armbar. She does, Budd battles valiantly but ultimately to no avail, and Rousey breaks her arm. This all took about 38 seconds, folks.

Rousey now has four wins, all four of them via her now trademark armbar, each one happening inside the first round. Afterward, she continued to say she wants to move down to 135-pounds to take Miesha Tate's belt before moving back up to 145-pounds to take Cristiane Santos' strap.

Speaking strictly as a fan -- yes, please.

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