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UFC 144: Anthony Pettis thinks a win over Joe Lauzon will earn him a title shot

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When Ben Henderson outworked Clay Guida at UFC on Fox 1 this past Saturday night (Nov. 12) in Anaheim, he earned himself a lightweight title shot against Frankie Edgar at UFC 144 on Feb. 26 in Japan.

But who will "Bendo" defend the belt against first if he is to emerge victorious, as many are predicting him to?

Former 155-pound number one contender Anthony Pettis has a good idea. The winner of his bout against Joe Lauzon, which is conveniently taking place on the very same day.

"I want to fight top five guys so I can get that title shot back. (Ben) Henderson's getting a title shot and that's supposed to be my position, so I want to go back for that. Fighting a guy like Joe Lauzon and winning that impressively, would get me right back in that title shot. ... Henderson's on a tear. He deserves a title shot. I'm just eager to get my shot back at him."

Pettis went on to predict that Henderson will win the title from Edgar, which would, in theory, set up a highly anticipated rematch between the two for yet another 155-pound title.

You know, because the first fight they had resulted in this kick right here, quite possibly the greatest moment in WEC (and maybe even MMA) history.

A whole hell of a lot has to go right for us to get to that point, though. But is it possible that Henderson beats Edgar after Pettis beats Lauzon and UFC President Dana White decides a rematch would earn boku bucks for all involved?

Maybe. Maybe not. Stay tuned either way, Maniacs.

In the meantime, here more from "Showtime" after the jump, including what he thought of Henderson's performance against Clay Guida and how he thinks "Bendo" will defeat Edgar in Japan.

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