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MMA Quick Quote: Ken Shamrock wants everyone to stop lying about steroids

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

"Why is it controversial? I don't know why it's controversial? I mean, lets lie about it. I mean football does, baseball does, basketball does, hockey does, and high school does. Everybody lies about it. How come we just can't be open about it? I think there are steroids that are definitely bad for you, but there are a lot of hormones that also help your body. That's why they have it, it's a medical use and if you use it right, it's good for your body. What? Yeah, it's good for your body. As long as you are with a doctor and he is teaching you to use it and its going towards what your level are, that you're not overdoing it. Were all lying in the United States, the fans too. Barry Bonds, he comes out of college and then three years later he is 40 pounds bigger! Oh, no, that was just good training because he's in a professional area and all they do it work out all the time. Come on, people, we know different. Then you got guys like Roger Clemens. Why are we attacking these guys? It's a witch hunt. We threw this out centuries ago, where they were burning people to the cross and that is exactly what we're doing today. We are taking people who are successful at what they do. Everybody else is using, these guys are using, there just better athletes and everybody is spotted on them. And some political idiot is going to take someone who is famous because they are going to get more coverage on TV by attacking them and let's string them up and burn them. I thought we were over that."

UFC Hall of Famer and self-admitted steroid user, Ken Shamrock, tells MMAInsideTheCageTV, that it's about time everyone is open and honest about steroid use. Channeling his inner Jose Canseco, Shamrock is one of the few athletes that have actually admitted to juicing up. And he's not against the practice, either. He also claims that all sports, from the pro level leagues all the way down to high school, have a problem with steroid abuse. In his opinion, it's high time for folks to stop lying and be honest about using banned substances. Do you agree with Shamrock? Or would you rather keep the wool over your eyes?

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