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Rampage Jackson stricken with BGD, releases statement on current condition (Video)

"BGD, Bad Gift Disorder, and it can be dangerous. I'm 'Rampage' Jackson, but you can call me Quinton. And sure, I'm a happy, productive member of society. But I too, feel the scars of BGD. Every holiday, millions of bad gift victims struggle to hide their pain. Sadly, some just can't do so. BGD can end relationships, destroy homes and even wreck the environment. The fact is, a bad gift happens every 8.9-two-and-a-half seconds. 98-percent of bad gifts are 103-percent preventable. That's a lot. Look, all you gotta do is give a shit. Don't give shitty gifts. And be heard so you don't get a shitty gift. It's just that simple. It ain't rocket science."

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson goes on a "Rampage" after opening up about feeling the scars of Bad Gift Disorder (BGD). So this holiday season, use protection and don't give yourself or someone you love a shitty gift. Do it for Rampage. For more on preventing BGD click here.

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