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UFC Quick Quote: Anderson Silva still not happy with Ed Soares, invites Chael Sonnen to fight in Brazil

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"It's a problem. It's a big problem. I don't like the picture, I don't like the position my manager (was in). Big problem. I don't like it. It's a problem. Bad position. I don't like (Chael Sonnen). This guy (wants to) fight me? Go to Brazil. No problem. ... Chael talks too much. I'm ready to fight Chael. But you have the chance - go to Brazil to fight me."

-- UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva tells he's still not happy with his manager, Ed Soares, for the picture you see above. Looks relatively harmless, right? When Chael Sonnen is concerned, it most certainly is not. "The Spider" has had enough of the motormouth middleweight running him down in every interview, so he's giving him a standing invitation. If Sonnen wants to tussle so bad, he can come on down to Brazil and they can take care of business. Simple as that. Except, as we all know, it's not. Silva also revealed to MMA Nation that no date has been set for the rematch and they're not entirely sure that's what will ultimately be decided on, though UFC President Dana White has remarked that he would be "stupid" not to make the fight sooner rather than later. The more pertinent question here seems to be whether or not Soares will be with Team Silva by the time the rematch finally comes around. Anyone think the middleweight champ will make like his Brazilian counterpart, Junior dos Santos, and kick Soares to the curb?

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