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Shane Carwin 'made it out alive' and is 'good as new' after grueling back surgery

UFC heavyweight smashing machine Shane Carwin is back.

The former heavyweight Interim champion underwent successful surgery today (Nov. 16, 2011) to drill some bones in his spinal cord in an effort to keep him from feeling paralyzed when he competes.

"The Engineer" updates his status via The Underground:

"I made it out alive. I am on some heavy meds but I already have my Carwin walk out tee on. I am ready! They found a pretty bad herniated disc while performing the surgery and they repaired that too. My doctor was surprised that I could do what I do with my back in such bad shape. He said I am as good as new now. That mountain top does not look so far away."

Carwin was last seen getting brutalized by Junior dos Santos at UFC 131 back in June. It was the second straight loss for the brick-fisted heavyweight, who saw a potential title win over Brock Lesnar slip away at UFC 116 back in 2010.

Now he's all patched up and on the mend, but will he ever be able to return to his former self? And even if he does, will it be good enough to compete in the new-look heavyweight division?

For more on Carwin's surgery click here and here.

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