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Michael Bisping: I'm rooting for Dan Henderson because his wins make me look better

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If you're going to get knocked the (expletive) out, I suppose your only hope can be that same fighter goes on to win the title and destroy everyone else in the process.

Such is the case with Michael Bisping, who's rooting for Dan Henderson at UFC 139: "Shogun vs. Henderson" this Saturday night (Nov. 19, 2011) at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

After all, if "Hendo" can knock out half the light heavyweight division, including Mauricio Rua, fans may tend to be more forgiving when they point and laugh at one of the most talked about kayos in UFC history, a thunderous second round "H-Bomb" that put Bisping down for "The Count."

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 coach explains (via Middle Easy):

"Everyone knows what happened with me and Henderson. So I always root for Henderson because it makes me look better. It redeems me slightly if he continues to knock people out! That aside, I'd go with Henderson in this fight. He knocked out Fedor [Emelianenko], he knocked out Babalu, he's knocking out everyone other than that night with Jake Shields. I'm not sure what went on there. That said, you can never rule out Shogun. The guy's a beast. It's going to be a great fight, but I'm leaning towards Henderson."

Hear more on Bisping's UFC 139 predictions after the jump.

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