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Gina Carano pregnancy rumors debunked, 'Haywire' star looks for 2012 return

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Remember when Gina Carano was supposed to fight Sarah D'Alelio at the Strikforce: "Overeem vs. Werdum" event back on June 18 in Dallas and was mysteriously removed from the card just weeks beforehand?

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker never did provide an answer for the reason the former face of women's MMA up and disappeared and maybe that's because he didn't know. No one did.

The rumor mill quickly started churning out the most silly and immature scenarios imaginable, the most prevalent of which was that she got pregnant while training at Xtreme Couture. Some even claimed she was carrying around Randy Couture's baby.

Uh, no.

Finally, Carano debunked those rumors in a recent interview, as well as dished on her return, which should happen sometime in 2012:

"I'm kind of a one step at a time kind of girl, so my focus is to get this movie out Jan. 20 and get on the other side of that because this has just been something that's been building for the last two years now. So as soon as I get on the other side of that I can focus more. ... I tried to fight in June and I had to pull out for some medical reasons. ... No, it was just personal. No (I wasn't pregnant), thank god. Thank god!"

And there you have it. Carano wasn't pregnant and there will be no little "Natural" running around anytime soon ... that we know of.

Hear more from "Conviction" after the jump, as she talks about her movie big movie, Haywire, and breaks down the state of women's MMA as it stands today.

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