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UFC Quick Quote: MMA is pretty much unstoppable, even if every show isn't perfect

"You know, if you want every show to be the perfect show, it's never really going to happen. What mixed martial arts is, is that its unpredictable and this sort of showcased that tonight. It wasn't the best result in terms of getting the most viewers to watch. If there was some crazy four round war where eventually one man over came the other one and he had to come through adversity to get there, then maybe that would have brought more viewers. But ultimately, mixed martial arts is pretty much unstoppable; it's just too exciting it's just too good and it doesn't matter if a thousand less or a hundred thousand less people tune into the next one because of tonight. Ultimately this is going to be gigantic. It's going to be much bigger than it is. The fact that now it's on broadcast television, the fact that it is now available for free for millions of people who have never watched it before, the door is open, the flood gates are open. It's just a matter of time now."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator Joe Rogan gives Ariel Helwani his thoughts on how he feels the future success of UFC on FOX cards will be based on last night's (Nov. 12, 2011) promotional debut on network television. After Junior Dos Santos ended the reign of Cain Velasquez as UFC heavyweight champion in a little more than a minute, fans and media alike began to question the decision to show only one fight and snub many of the nights other great fights, including Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida. Rogan feels that regardless if the promotion loses a few thousand viewers based on last night's fight, that MMA and the UFC will eventually move forward with unstoppable force. Do you agree? Or will the UFC's next venture on FOX struggle with ratings in light of what went down last night in Anaheim"

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