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UFC on FOX post-fight show recap with Jay Glazer, Kenny Florian and Stephan Bonnar on Fuel TV

Hosts Jay Glazer and Kenny Florian discuss the UFC on FOX main event between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos, which went down on Saturday night (Nov. 12, 2011) from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

After replaying the knockout, which crowned Dos Santos new heavyweight champion, both were upset that Cain did not go for another takedown after his first failed attempt. Kenny states that once you get hit in the ear, you lose all your equilibrium and it can be hard to get control.

Back down to Nicole at the UFC party as she interviews Surfing Champ Kelly Slater: "Wasn't a great night for Cain, but Junior seems like a great guy. Cain didn't look like himself tonight and got caught." Talks about his eleventh world title in surfing.

"Brazilians are so good in all sports."

Glazer and "KenFlo" discuss Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson fight. Kenny: "it was just hair flying around the Octagon." Henderson scored a title shot against Frankie Edgar with the unanimous decision win.

Stephan Bonnar interviews "Smooth" backstage: "Always happy to get the 'W,' but I can be better, but I'll take the 'W.'" Give techniques to escape guillotine chokes and says he matches up great with Frankie and it will be a great fight.

Henderson will now battle "The Answer" on Feb. 25 in Japan

Florian says he brought "Bendo" in to prepare for his previous fight with Guida and says the former WEC champ had a toothpick in his mouth the whole time they sparred.

Shots of the UFC afterparty.

Bonnar interviews new UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos. "The American Psycho" asks to touch the belt for good luck. Dos Santos: "I'm feeling amazing, this fight was important for my life and my family and I did it."

Bonnar asks about leg kicks: "The kicks don't hurt me."

Dos Santos on the Alistair Overeem vs. Brock Lesnar fight at UFC 141: "It's gonna be a good fight, I'll be there to watch for sure. I am going home to Brazil and make a big party for all my family and partners. BBQ in Brazil"

Bonner speaks his best Portuguese.

Jay Glazer and Kenny Florian talk about how likeable Junior is and reveal "Cigano" learned to speak English by watching The Simpsons. Florian says fight between Dos Santos and Alistair will be more exciting due to the striking aspect of the fight.

Back to Bonnar with Cain Velasquez: "I felt good; I think in the fight I thought I could time him better. But I steered away from the gameplan and he got me with a great overhand right. He timed me perfectly. It was hard to get back to 100-percent. But in the fight game it happens, and I'm ready to come back and do it all over again. I felt 100-percent ready to go. He did what he was supposed to do."

Florian discusses how Cain will come back stronger than ever. This is the crazy thing about the sport, all the analyzing does not matter, anything can happen.

Shot of JDS and his team dancing in his locker room followed by a shot of Jon Jones taking pictures with a Marine at the UFC afterparty.

Down to Nicole as she interviews Travis Barker: "I wish it would have went longer and I wish Cain would have wrestled a bit more. I was rooting for Cain, but in MMA anything can happen, it's unexpected. I'm looking forward to seeing Cruz, Guida and Travis Brown."

Back to Jay and he discusses Dustin Poirier vs. Pablo Garza. Shows highlights of the fight and the "Diamond's" win.

Florian talks about his weight cuts. Says he weighs 165 and that the weight cut is brutal. Says Chad Mendes can give a lot of problems to Jose Aldo but that he won't get the victory.

Shot of a distraught Cain in his locker room. Checking his messages on his phone.

Florian talks about his title losses and the time it takes to recover, says, he is not sure if you ever recover from a title fight. Says that he feels for Cain.

Nicole talks to Jon Jones: "Man it was a great fight,. Junior did a great job, he has heavy hands. Cain doesn't have the strongest chin. Junior has come up to win the title and it's a dream come true. The party is nuts, celebrities everywhere."

Says he gets to hang out with Mandy Moore.

Glazer and Florian say there is no one close to Jon Jones talent-wise. That the things he does is ridiculous and talk about his 84 inch reach and that he is difficult to prepare for.

Announcement that UFC begins on FUEL TV with over 2200 hours of UFC programming starting on New Year's Day. The booth now has Bonnar, Florian and Glazer. Bonnar was the only one to predict the fight correctly in choosing Dos Santos.

Down to the press conference:

Dana: "As soon as the fight starts, we can't control them. I was not critical, I just don't understand why Cain wouldn't go for the shot and put him in the fence and not bang with Junior. But who the hell am I, I'm no ones trainer."

JDS: "My conditioning was great, I was feeling a bit in my knee, and I would not like to fight five rounds with Cain because he has good stamina. I felt good in the fight but a lot of pressure."

Cain: "My knee was fine. It was my fault I didn't pressure enough. I played Dos Santos's game and he caught me, it was my fault. Yeah, it was a great stoppage."

Dana on whether the next UFC on FOX will have more fight: "Just so everyone understands, the deal doesn't start until January; this fight was not part of the deal. The deal is for seven years. It was FOX's idea to do a great fight on TV. An upset Dana White says "People who like to bitch, can shut up and buy a ticket if you don't think there not enough fights shown on TV."

Dana: "I don't know what's next for Cain, he will be back."

Cain in Spanish: "Junior caught me with a great punch, and well you saw what happened."

Dos Santos speaks in Spanish: Says Cain is a great wrestler and is happy to win the fight and did not want to go five rounds and is happy to be the first to beat him.

Ben Henderson: "I'm happy to get the 'W' anyway I can get it." He was not happy with his performance and that he is going to do better. "Our fight will be aired at some point in time."

Clay Guida: "Ben's a warrior and he always come to scrap. I think everyone wanted two more rounds in this fight. Don't forget about the Cain."

Cain talks about his gameplan: "Establish the punches and kicks and go forward and take the takedown if it was there and to not force anything. Just to put a bit more pressure and I went against the gameplan. It's just the name of the game, when you fight someone talented like Dos Santos things like this happen and it's not the end for me. You learn a lot from losses, I'm going to learn not to stray away from the gameplan even for a little bit."

Jay Glazer talks about how classy Cain is and does not talk about his knee injury.

Florian talks about when fighters go in injured into a fight. Say if you go into a fight 100-percent, you probably didn't train hard. Gives Cain props for not making any excuses.

Nicole interviews Tito Ortiz: "WOW, that's all I got to say. I'm a big Cain fan, but JDS, it couldn't have happened to a better man. He finished the fight and he is the new world heavyweight champion. He's very positive, has great people around him. It's kind of like an Oscar afterparty." Says he's excited to see GSP and Chuck Liddell.

Glazer says Tito is stealing his look.

Highlights of Cub Swanson vs. Ricardo Lamas fight. Lamas wins via arm triangle choke and wins submission of the night. Discuss upcoming fighters coming up the ranks. Bonnar says Dustin Poirier is an up-and-coming fighter to watch.

Nicole with Hershel Walker: "Junior came out and did what he was supposed to do. Cain will come back, but you have to take your hat off to Junior. It was the overhand right that caught him in the war which knocked him down. MMA is such a great sport and now all the people on FOX can see it."

Walker Say "Bones" Jones is one heck of an athlete and loves what he does inside the cage.

One final look at Junior Dos Santos knocking out Cain Velasquez" and that's it for the Fuel TV post-fight show and coverage on FOX: "Velasquez vs. Dos Santos."

What are your final thoughts on tonight's production?

For UFC on FOX results and live play-by-play for "Velasquez vs. Dos Santos" click here.

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