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Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 results and LIVE fight coverage TONIGHT (Nov. 12) from Las Vegas



Long-time rivals and Ring magazine top-5 pound-for-pound sluggers, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Márquez, will look to settle their score TONIGHT (Nov. 12, 2011) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the WBO welterweight belt on the line. will deliver complete LIVE "Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3" results right below, as well as all the action from the undercard from the HBO pay-per-view (PPV), which begins at 9 P.M. ET.

In addition to "Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3," the under card will feature WBO Junior Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley as he steps into the ring for the first time in 10 months to face Cuban "Brush" Joel Casamayor.

Breidis Prescott, the only man to ever defeat Amir Khan, will also be in action, looking to bounce back from a tough decision loss to Paul McCloskey against undefeated IBF Latino Light Welterweight Champion Mike Alvarado in a bout that's sure to produce fireworks.

Finally, a classic Puerto Rico vs. Mexico match up will kick off the show, as Luis Cruz and Juan Carlos Burgos, with forty-four knockouts and only one loss between them, will battle it out at 130 lbs.

Check out the latest results and live play-by-play from the "Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3" event after the jump.

Main Event:

144 lbs.: Manny Pacquiao def. Juan Manuel Marquez by majority decision (114-114, 115-113, 116-112)


140 lbs.: Timothy Bradley def. Joel Casamayor by Corner Stoppage at 2:59 of Round Eight

140 lbs.: Mike Alvarado def. Breidis Prescott by TKO at 1:59 of Round Ten

130 lbs.: Juan Carlos Burgos def. Luis Cruz by majority decision (95-95, 97-93, and 98-94)

Welterweight Championship: Manny Pacquiao (c) vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

Round one: Here’s hoping this is even a fraction as awesome as their first two fights to get the taste of that last "fight" out of my mouth.

Both men jabbing early. Manny seemingly getting the better of it, but neither man is throwing much. Hard shot lands for Manny. Good left to the dome from Pacquiao. Left to the body from Márquez. Good digging combo from Márquez. Huge left misses from Manny. Good lead left from Pacquiao. Counter left from Manny lands, then a big left straight. Body blows from Márquez, but Manny clearly landed the better shots. 10-9 Manny.

Round two: Manny flicking the jab out, no contact. One-two deflected by Pacquiao. Another left-right from Márquez blocked. Right hook lands for Manny. Good counter flurry from Márquez. Good left to the body from Pacquiao. Good body shot from Márquez. Right hand counter lands for Márquez, but not hard. Left from Manny and another. Good one-two from Márquez and I think I’m going to give him this round. 19-19.

Round three: Double jab from Manny. Right hand lead lands. Left for Manny hits, then a good jab. Márquez misses to the body. Manny pushing JMM back. Good little left to the body from JMM. Good right from Manny as JMM moves in. Good right hook from Pacquiao. 1-1-2 from Manny. Good right hook gets JMM’s attention and Manny lands a one-two at the bell. 29-28 for the Fighting Congressman.

Round four: Hard left straight for Manny and another. Overhand right whiffs from JMM. Much more tentative fight than their previous two. Manny avoiding most of JMM’s blows. Hard right hand from Manny lands near the ropes. Good left from Manny against the ropes, then a couple of solid body blows from JMM. Solid left from Manny. Hard right from JMM lands near the bell, but still Manny’s round. 39-37 Pacquiao.

Round five: Still no huge shots landed; I’m surprised. Good little combo to the body from JMM, but no damage. Pacquiao pushing JMM back, but not throwing. JMM tries to go to the body and throws an uppercut, but nothing doing. Good rights from Manny. One-two for JMM. Good counter right off a jab for JMM. Solid jab from the Mexican. JMM stings Manny bad with a right hand. The two men exchanging, but JMM is getting the better of it. 10-9 round for the challenger, 48-47 Pacquiao.

Round six: JMM loves the middle rounds, and no knockdowns are holding him back this time.

Both men tentative. Hard lefts for Manny. JMM digs to the body. Hard body blows from JMM. Good rights from both men. Hard left from Manny, then a right. Double rights from JMM doing well. Hooks from both men land. Right hook from Manny lands. Jab from Manny. Digging shots to the body for JMM; better round for Pacquiao, but still damn close. 58-56 Pacquiao.

Round seven: "Dinamita" may be losing on my card, but he’s still impressing the hell out of me.

Big right hand from JMM. Flurry from Pacquiao comes up short. Good lead left from Manny, then a solid left to the body from JMM. Manny pushing forward effectively. Body blow from JMM, then a solid left from Pac-Man. Good right from Manny catches JMM. Hard right uppercut from JMM lands. Hell of a round, really close, but still Manny’s. 68-65 Pacquiao.

Round eight: Good right from JMM. Counter left uppercut whiffs from JMM. Left to the body from Manny. Right straight stings Manny. Good right to the body for the Mexican great. Left lands for Manny. Manny lands a solid flurry inside. Right hook narrowly misses. Hard left straight lands for Pacquiao. Very good round for JMM. 77-75 Pacquiao.

Round nine: Hard left hook from JMM hits Manny on the back of the head, but no damage done. JMM lands a good combination. Good right hands from both. Hard flurry inside. Big left hook misses from Pacquiao. Both men exchanging at furious speed, both landing well. Left hook to the body and uppercut upstairs land for JMM. Both men going absolutely berserk at the end of the round; holy crap, what a fight. 86-85 Pacquiao, but the scores could be anything at the moment.

Round ten: Manny is going after the knockout now; Roach says he needs it and he may well be right. Hard right hand lands for JMM and Manny misses with an answering left. Pacquiao getting tagged on the inside by "Dinamita’s" right hand. Pacquiao is officially cut; this isn’t good. Manny says it was a headbutt, but I didn’t see. Right hand lands for JMM, then an inside left for Manny. Pacquiao with a good right hook upstairs. Another brutal exchange at the end and I’m giving this one to JMM. Ugly cut over Pacquiao’s eye; good thing there are only two rounds left. All tied up at 95.

Round eleven: Manny whiffs a heavy one-two. Lead left lands for Pacquiao, who avoids a JMM flurry in response. Manny tags his foe with a right-left. Lead right for JMM. Solid right hook from Pacquiao, JMM responds in turn. JMM is in cruise control; that is a bad, bad, bad idea. Manny pushing him back, outlanding him during this round. Good right for JMM, but his inactivity for the majority makes me score it for Manny. 105-104 Pacquiao; Ignacio Beristain needs to stop telling JMM he’s winning.

Round twelve: Left hand from Manny lands well. Manny moving forward, JMM retreating. Terrible plan. Good lead left from Manny. Another missile left misses. Manny narrowly avoids a flurry from JMM. Manny’s mouthpiece pops out and they briefly stop to reinsert it. Manny explodes at the end of the round and took it in my book; Ignacio Beristain may have hamstringed his own fighter with bad advice near the end. 115-113 Manny, but they're going to be arguing this one for months. No matter what it is.

Final result: 114-114, 115-113, 116-112 for the winner by majority decision, Manny Pacquiao.


Light Welterweight Championship: Timothy Bradley (c) vs. Joel Casamayor

Round one: I’m getting a serious inferiority complex from looking at Bradley. Good lord, his abs are fantastic. Casamayor looks a lot softer and in fact missed weight on his first go yesterday.

Interestingly, the odds have Bradley as high as -2200. Pretty ridiculous for the co-main event of a major pay-per-view.

Hard right hook from Bradley early. Decent jab lands for Casamayor. Jabs from Bradley landing well. Decent left from Casamayor. Head contact on the inside; it’s a Timothy Bradley fight, alright. Casamayor stumbles back from a good right. Right straight from Bradley lands. Uneventful round; 10-9 Bradley.

Round two: Casamayor’s primary tactic is the clinch. Wonderful. Bradley forces Casamayor into the corner, Casamayor clinches. Good body blows from Bradley, clinch from Casamayor. Good right from Bradley, bloody clinch from bloody Casamayor. Bradley is swinging big here and he lands a good right to the jaw. Good one-two from Bradley. Casamayor has landed maybe three punches this round. At least Bradley is swinging for the fences. Another clinch from Casamayor. Good left from Joel, finally. Clinch from Joel. This is kinda sorta really pathetic on the Cuban’s part. 20-18 Bradley.

Round three: It’s funny to hear the announcers pretend this is or will become a good fight. Bradley stumbles Casamayor, who responds with a clinch. Good combo from Bradley, clinch from Casamayor. I’m just going to write CC whenever that happens. Speaking of, CC. Bradley pushing Casamayor into the corner. CC. Right from Bradley misses, CC. Hard right from Bradley sends Casamayor backpedalling, but before he can capitalize on the ropes, CC. Two hard rights from Bradley in the corner. CC. CC. CC. One-two from Bradley wobbles Casamayor again. CC. Another good one-two. CC. Bell. 30-27. Blaaaaaaaargh this fight is terrible.

Round four: CC. The referee is tired of this garbage and takes a point from Casamayor for clinching head-first. Bradley flurrying hard. CC. Decent body shot from Casamayor. CC. Guillotine CC. Decent left straight from Casamayor. CC. Winging left from Bradley misses. CC. Hard body blows from Bradley. Good left from Bradley. Shut up, Amir Khan, Casamayor is getting dominated. Hard right stings Casamayor. Good exchange, finally. CC, takes the back this time. Jab from Bradley. Good left from Casamayor, who finally seems to realize he’s in a fight. Still not doing well in any sense of the word. 10-8 round with the point deduction, 40-35 Bradley.

Round five: There are eight more rounds of this. This does not please me. Bradley with a one-two, CC. Hard body shot from Bradley, and then an even bigger one puts Casamayor down on one knee. Brutal shot. Joel back up. Good left hook to the dome from Bradley lands. Wicked body blows from Bradley. More mean flurries from Bradley, who seems as eager as the rest of us for this to end. Left hook low, left look high from Bradley. CC. Left to the body from Bradley, decent left to the head from JC. Bradley has absolutely zero respect for Casamayor’s punching; he’s swinging big and takes the round big. 10-8 with the knockdown, 50-43.

Round six: Big left hook from Bradley puts Casamayor down; that may have been more of a slip, but frankly, I don’t care at this point. Casamayor steady on his feet. Nasty body shots from both men, but Bradley’s are far superior. CC. Good combo to the head from Bradley. CC. Good three-punch combo from Bradley. Hard left hook from Bradley, then a right straight to the head. Liver shot lands for Bradley, then a right hook to the head. Complete and utter domination by Bradley. Potshots from Bradley with Casamayor against the ropes. CC. Technical difficulties on my side keep me from seeing the end of the round, but it’s not hard to guess what happened. Another 10-8 round. 60-51 Bradley.

Round seven: Hard three punch combo from Bradley. Good one-two from Bradley. Three, four nice jabs. Good right straight. You know what, just assume whenever I say someone landed a good punch, it was Bradley. Jab. Right straight. Another good right straight. Interesting; alright punch for Casamayor. Winging right. Right to the body. CC. Right straight. Right straight again. Left uppercut. Right straight. Bradley’s hands at his waist; he doesn’t care. Slip from Bradley. 10-9 Bradley. 70-60. Five more rounds whyyyyyyyyy.

Round eight: Casamayor looks pretty reluctant to leave his corner. Forgets his mouthpiece, stops to get it. CC. Left hook to the body. CC. Right straight. Two body shots from Casamayor bounce off. So fo a handful of head shots. Powerful lefts and rights to the head. Nasty right uppercuts landing alongside right straights. Double left hook. Right uppercut lands, as does a solid left hook. Right straight wobbles Joel, who is now getting hit with everything Bradley throws and offering nothing in return. Hard body shot puts Casamayor down before the bell and the Cuban’s corner throws in the towel. I think I speak for all of us when I say, "Thank you, Joel Casamayor’s corner."

Final result: Timothy Bradley def. Joel Casamayor by eighth-round TKO.


Junior Welterweight Bout: Mike Alvarado vs. Breidis Prescott

Round one: Bodog tells me that Breidis Prescott’s nickname is "Khanqueror". Catchy, but he’s pretty much milked that win dry, methinks. Anyway, Prescott jabbing early, Alvarado slightly less so. Prescott combo punching inside, lands a good right uppercut. Alvarado has his left low; might not be the best plan. Simultaneous jabs. Alavarado’s guard now tighter; the two are focusing mostly on the jab for now. More jabs. Whiffed overhand right from Alvarado, whose left is getting lower. Prescott battering away at Alvarado’s guard. Tentative round; few significant punches, but they were mostly Prescott’s. 10-9 for the Colombian.

Round two: Prescott just looks way bigger than Alvarado here. Alvarado tentative. Good left to the body from Prescott. Snapping jabs from Alvarado land, overhand right doesn’t. Jabs from Prescott. Hard one-two from Prescott. Prescott grunting like Maria Sharapova with every punch. Alvarado picking his shots, landing some decent right and jabs. Good left uppercut from Prescott inside. Prescott jab. Prescott swinging big all round long, but not landing well. There’s the bell. 19-19.

Round three: Hard jabs from Prescott early. Good long right from Prescott; Alvarado’s hands are way too low. Two quick shots to the torso from Prescott hit the beltline. Triple jab from Alvarado, then a couple more sting Prescott. Harder jab from Prescott. Big overhand right from Alvarado dings off the guard. Good right hand from Alvarado. Hard body blows from Prescott go slightly low. Good uppercuts inside from both men. I’ll give Alvarado the round again; just seems to be landing cleaner. 29-28 Alvarado.

Round four: Long jabs from Prescott. Hard left uppercut lands for Prescott, then a solid hook.  Prescott winging huge shots against Alvarado’s guard; no idea if they’re landing. Prescott landing hard uppercuts and hooks inside. Good right hands from Alvarado. Three-punch combo from Prescott scores. Flicking jabs from Alvarado. Right straight to the body from Alvarado. Good left from Prescott lands well, then Alvarado lands a good left hook in return. Alvarado lands well at the bell, but Prescott marked him up pretty badly in the early going. Ugly cut above the eye for Alvarado. 38-38.

Round five: Now we see if Prescott can last. Good long jabs from Prescott. Jab exchanges with Prescott coming out on top. Prescott slams blows in inside, but Alvarado lands a nasty left hook. Alvarado starting to walk Prescott down; the latter goes slightly low with hooks. Prescott still working behind the lab, but Alvarado is landing inside. Hard hooks from Alvarado and a right straight nails Prescott. Much better round for "Mile High". 48-47 Alvarado.

Round six: Right hand lands for Prescott. Announcer unable to shut up about Prescott knocking out Amir Khan. Good jab from Prescott. Alvarado unable to land when he does get inside. Hard overhand right from Alvarado, but the Colombian eats it and lands a good combo in return. Good left uppercut from Prescott, then right. Good, quick exchange inside. Alvarado’s cut is widening; Prescott grinding his head against it on the inside. More inside blows from both men, but Prescott is clearly the more effective of the two. Much better round for the Colombian. 57-57.

Round seven: Tape comes off of Alvarado’s glove for the second time this fight. Brief interlude while they correct this issue. Breidis punching well from the outside; jab might have a little less pop now, but it’s working well. BIG overhand right from Alvarado doesn’t score. Flicking jab from Alvarado. Hard right straight from the American, but nothing seems to faze Prescott. Good little body-uppercut combo from Alvarez. Good overhand from Alvarado lands. Breidis still working his jab. Fighters clinch inside. Another jab from Prescott and another. The two clinch at the bell and this was again Prescott’s round. 67-66 Prescott.

Round eight: Good jabs from Prescott. Left hook from Alvarado pops Prescott, and Alvarado forces Prescott back into the ropes with a solid combination. Good jabs from Prescott. Digging body blows from Prescott. Another phone booth fight kicks off, with Prescott’s uppercuts doing the most damage. Good hooks from Alvarado and this is one of the grittiest fights I’ve seen in a while. Alvarado smashes Prescott with a big right hand just when I was thinking he was tired, and that was a close as hell round. I’ll go with the announcers and give this to Alvarado. 76-76.

Round nine: Good jabbing from Alvarado in the early going. Alvarado flitting around Prescott, who isn’t yet firing back. Prescott moves in with a solid left hook. Prescott’s output has dropped dramatically, but he lands a good combo halfway through. Another good jab from Alvarado. Good right straight from Prescott. Jab from Prescott. Alvarado pressing forward. Prescott lands two solid jabs to close the round. Very close round, but Prescott seemed to land a bit better. 86-85 Prescott.

Round ten: There is apparently a "Latino" title on the line. I’m sure the fighters are overjoyed. Good right hands from Alvarado land well. Alvarado is looking for the knockout and he gets the knockdown! Two hard uppercuts from Alvarado put Prescott down! The Colombian survives but he’s getting absolutely blasted with repeated right uppercuts and the ref stops it! From the brink of defeat, Mike Alvarado pulls out a spectacular TKO victory in the final round. Great, great work from Mike Alvarado.

Final result: Mike Alvarado def. Breidis Prescott by tenth-round TKO.


Super Featherweight Bout: Luis Cruz vs. Juan Carlos Burgos

Round one: Nothing like a good Puerto Rico vs. Mexico scrap to get an evening going. Trunks are thankfully color-coded for my convenience. There’s the bell. Good jab from Cruz, good body shot from Burgos. Burgos definitely the aggressor. I’m told that there is a title on the line that has five different adjectives in it, so doesn’t make a difference. Hard body work from Burgos. Simultaneous jabs. Another digging hook from Burgos, response in kind from Cruz. Burgos fearless as he moves in with heavy blows to the torso. Triple jab lands for Cruz, then one of the single variety. Hard five-punch combo lands for Burgos. Good jabs from both, straight from Cruz. More good body shots from Burgos, and that’ll be 10-9 for the Mexican.

Round two: Good body shot from Cruz, then a good left from Burgos. Hard two shots from Burgos. More digging blows from Burgos. Cruz being pushed back but landing good jabs in response. Good little exchange inside. Decent left hook from Cruz is blocked. Good one-two from Cruz and they clinch up again. More good jabs from Cruz, then some digging lefts from Burgos. Every time they get close, Burgos rips to the body. Flicking jabs from Cruz. Cruz buckled by a hard shot from Burgos, but stays on his feet long enough for the bell to ring. 20-18 Burgos.

Round three: I would like this event more if they had better music between rounds. Is some AC/DC too much to ask for? Anyway, Burgos pressing forward as usual. Good right straight from Cruz, but he’s jacked hard by a big left hook. Cruz slightly stumbles Burgos in return, but the Puerto Rican got the worst of it. More digging from Burgos. Jab to the body, then to the head from Cruz. Chopping right narrowly misses from Burgos. Hard uppercut by Cruz lands inside. Big, winging left lands for Burgos, but Cruz takes it better this time. Cruz’s hands are inching lower, and that might get him wrecked soon. Loaded right hand from Burgos bounces off. Cruz caught in the jaw, but forces Burgos’s back against the ropes. Still, not enough to give him the round. 30-27 Burgos.

Round four: Good exchanges early, neither man getting the advantage. Hard combo to the body from Burgos. Burgos loading up the right hand. Good uppercut from Cruz. Good simultaneous left hooks. Clubbing left hook from Cruz, then another. Harder left from Burgos, Cruz shakes it off. Good 1-1-3 from Cruz. Good counter body shot, then a right from Burgos. Stinging jab from Cruz. Right uppercut from Burgos, then a nasty down-up combo. Burgos beginning to back up as the bell rings. Better round for the Puerto Rican; 39-37 Burgos.

Round five: Double jab from Cruz scoring. Hard right-left from Burgos to the body, then one on the beltline that gets him a warning. Good double left from Burgos. Right uppercut inside works from Cruz. BIG left hook from Burgos, then a clubbing right land clean. Good lefts from both men, then two hard body blows from Burgos. Jab exchange. Burgos not pushing forward as he has been, but still being effective. Burgos lands a good combo at the ten-second mark, and with how close the round was, that’ll seal it. 49-46 Burgos.

Round six: Okay, apparently TWO "titles" are on the line. No idea what they signify. Burgos lands a hard left hand, Cruz a slightly lesser one. Digging left to the body from Cruz, then a five-punch combo high and low. Jab from Burgos, and another lands. Good hook from Burgos; Cruz isn’t firing in return. Jab to the body from Cruz. Another nasty left hook from Burgos. Two blows to the body from Burgos. Good jab from Cruz; he really needs to use that more. Good one-two in the corner from Cruz. Digging left to the gut from Burgos, who looks a bit sloppier than at the beginning. Double jab from Cruz, single one from Burgos. Closer round, and I’ll give it to Cruz. 58-56 Burgos.

Round seven: Four to go. Tentative exchange early. Chopping right from Burgos glances off. Straight right from Cruz moves Burgos back. Cruz goes a bit low, then runs headfirst into a solid jab. Cruz landing better, but Burgos lands a snapping jab. Good left hook from Burgos and another; Cruz is getting smacked as he steps in. Big left uppercut narrowly misses for Burgos. Cruz jacked again by the left hook of Burgos, who is still having success despite the outside nature of the current fight. ANOTHER big left hand from the Mexican, then a digging right. Good jab from Burgos. Cruz’s eye doesn’t look good; he’s going to need to pull out something impressive if he wants to win this fight. 68-65 Burgos.

Round eight: Technical difficulties keep me out of the loop for the first thirty seconds, but it doesn’t look like I missed anything. Hard right straight from Burgos lands clean. Burgos’s jab starting to work with Cruz’s eye swelling shut. Cruz moving forward and flicking the jab out. Overhand right from Burgos grazes Cruz. Good body work from Cruz, returned in kind by Burgos. Good one-two from Burgos. Jab from Burgos. Hard four shots from the Mexican. Digging left from Cruz scores, but it’s still Burgos’s round as the bell rings. 78-74 Burgos.

Round nine: Quick double jab from Burgos. Nice left upper from Cruz. Burgos flips the jab out again. Good two blows to the body, then a good one to the head. Junior dos Santos knocks out Cain Velasquez in the other tab I have open. Good jab from Burgos, then a solid left hook. Hard left to the head from Burgos, then two to the body. More good combos to the head from Burgos. Massive, winging left hand misses from Burgos. Burgos the more aggressive man despite being ahead on the cards. Hard left hook from Burgos dings off of Cruz’s jaw. Jabs from both men; Cruz’s eye looks bad at the point. Good left from Burgos yet again and he’s running away with this one. Cruz needs a knockout. 88-83 Burgos.

Round ten: Taio Cruz is not appropriate stadium music between boxing rounds. Just saying. Cruz stumbles Burgos, but gets smacked with two hard blows in return. Cruz more aggressive now, landing hard but not enough. Hard right straight and uppercut from Cruz. Right straight from Burgos lands. Cruz needs to go balls-out here, he really does. Left hook from Cruz lands. Burgos fighting off his back foot. Digging blows inside from Cruz. More good blows from Cruz. Jab from Burgos lands. Double jab from Cruz, then a solid left uppercut. Jabs from Cruz, then body blows. Left hook from Cruz. Overhand right misses for Burgos and there’s the bell. Burgos was on cruise control and he dropped this last round, but he definitely won this one. 97-93 Burgos.

Final result: 95-95, 97-93, and 98-92 to the winner by majority decision, Juan Carlos Burgos.


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