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UFC legend Art Jimmerson calls out Kimbo Slice, wants a boxing match

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What, you thought the UFC would bust the door down to the future without a relic from times past finding his way into the spotlight?

If you did, you would be wrong. What's somewhat surprising, though, is just who showed up at the UFC on Fox 1 open media workouts -- good old "One Glove" Art Jimmerson.

The 48-year-old legend of yesteryear is still hanging around the fight game, keeping himself in relatively good shape. And while there was a time not long ago that he was campaigning for a rematch against Royce Gracie, he's now got his sights set on someone else -- the one and only Kimbo Slice.

In an interview with, Jimmerson straight up called out the former king of the streets and laid down the gauntlet for a boxing match:

"Kimbo, I dare you. Right now, I want you and if you give me a chance to redeem myself as far as boxing... You can't beat a real boxer. You can't. I mean, right now, I respect you as an MMA fighter before but boxing... night and day. I've been there, I've done that and I've tried MMA, I failed. So now you're in my ring. In my ring, I can't be beat. I don't care if it's Royce Gracie or Kimbo Slice. It's been a few years (since my last boxing match) but you gotta understand, I'm in the gym every day. ... I don't see him lasting three rounds with me. I want it to happen right now, me and Kimbo Slice. I'm calling him out."

Considering the level of competition Kimbo has been fighting in the boxing world, men Jimmerson described as "trash cans," would anyone be surprised if Gary Shaw, Kimbo's promoter, tried to book this fight?

Hear more from Jimmerson after the jump, including a story or two from his early days and how he's doing today training at the UFC gym in California.

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