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UFC on FOX: With 2000 hours of programming in 2012, FUEL to (basically) become UFC channel

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When UFC President Dana White proclaimed that fans would need FUEL TV in order to keep up with his company, he wasn't lying.

When the world's largest fight promotion hits the FUEL airwaves in 2012, it will do so by comprising 25-percent of the cable channel's total programming. That equates to 2000 hours worth of UFC action.

George Greenberg, the General Manager of FUEL, comments on the massive commitment:

"It's going to be represented in primetime. You're also going to see it in late night, and you're going to see it on the weekends and key day areas. It will be the wind in our sails for sure."

Indeed, plans currently call for FUEL to become the home for international versions of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), weigh-ins specials, "Countdown" and "Primetime" shows, and even specialty programming like the two-hour special leading into this Saturday night's (Nov. 12, 2011) UFC on FOX 1: "Velasquez vs. Dos Santos" event.

In addition, non-pay-per-view overseas events will air live on FUEL and will run for three hours. This in contrast to events airing on FX, which will run two hours, and events airing on the main FOX channel, which will run for 90 minutes.

There are quite a few changes in store for the UFC in the year 2012. Time will tell whether or not they're good or bad. FUEL TV is currently in only 30 million homes. FOX is hoping the UFC can become the catalyst to change that and drive subscribers to the channel.

Anyone rushing to make sure you get the channel before the new year?

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