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UFC Undisputed 3 roster: Pride FC fighters

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Get ready to soccer kick your buddy's face in.  

UFC Undisputed 3, the latest entry into the popular mixed martial arts video game series from THQ, will hit store shelves in Jan.2012. The new edition features a bevy of interesting fresh features, including traveling back in time to fight in the now-defunct PRIDE organization, complete with stomps, Bas Rutten on commentary and even Lenne Hardt introductions.

Pride never die!

Now it won't thanks to a healthy blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology, which will also allow us to relive those rematches and historic clashes that disappeared along with the former Japanese-based promotion. Chuck Liddell already got his revenge over Quinton Jackson (see video here), but don't expect "Cro Cop" to get any against Fedor Emelianenko because, well, the Russian legend is unsurprisingly excluded from the roster.

Check out the complete Pride FC roster after the jump:

Bob Sapp
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Dan Severn
Don Frye
Gary Goodridge
Gilbert Yvel
Heath Herring
Kevin Randleman
Mark Hunt
Mark Coleman
Mirko Filipovic
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Mauricio Rua
Quinton Jackson
Rameau Sokoudjou
Vitor Belfort
Wanderlei Silva
Murilo Rua
Jens Pulver
Marcus Aurelio
Takanori Gomi
Anderson Silva
Chuck Liddell
Dan Henderson
Murilo Bustamante
Akihiro Gono
Carlos Newton
Denis Kang
Paulo Filho
Phil Baroni
Royce Gracie
Ryo Chonan

Any surprises or notable snubs? Check out the remaining roster by clicking the links below:

Light Heavyweight

For more on the upcoming release of UFC Undisputed 3 click here.

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