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Anderson Silva: Ed Soares needs a more professional attitude, 'will have to deal with backlash of what he did'

Trouble in paradise or lost in translation?

UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva and his long-time manager and interpreter, Ed Soares, haven't been on the same page lately.

In a recent interview, Silva revealed that he would fight for at least six or seven more years, contradicting Soares' previous statements that estimated the Brazilian, 37, had only four fights left in him.

Now, there is an apparent rift brewing between the champion and his manager because of a recent photo that emerged, showing Soares seemingly joking around with none other than Anderson's bitter rival, Chael Sonnen.

Appearing on the television show, "UFC Sem Limites" on Brazilian channel Tela Nitida, Silva expressed his recent displeasure with his manager (via Fighters Only magazine):

"Unfortunately, my manager is American, he speaks Portuguese, but he is American. But, I'm putting myself as a Brazilian.... Whether you are in the UFC or not, when I'm outside my country I'm going to represent my country well and I think everyone has to position himself in the right way. His position was not good, was not cool, as a manager he needed to have a more professional attitude. He was not professional and I don't know why... I think it was not cool. But everyone knows what's best, he is a grown man and he is going to deal with the backlash of what he did."

Silva went on to to reveal that has no contract with Soares:

"First thing is that nobody can talk for me except myself. Second is that I don't have a contract with anybody, except with Nine9 and my sponsors, so anything can happen."

On Oct. 21, 2011, Silva responded on his Twitter account about the photo above, which was apparently taken at the Hilton Hotel in Houston, Texas, during the festivities of UFC 136.

His reaction:

"I do not like it at all this photo, I take to mean that only I can talk about my struggles, my plans and my career."

A picture truly is worth a thousand words, whether it's taken out of context or not. Keep in mind that Soares and Sonnen have had a history of heated verbal warfare in the past, so it's very strange to see a photo of the pair seemingly sharing a joyful moment together.

Soares, as well as Sonnen, have yet to comment on the photo at this time. In addition, Soares has not yet responded to Silva's recent remarks that have voiced his seeming displeasure with his recent behavior/statements.

Stay tuned to for more on this developing story.

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