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UFC 139's Wanderlei Silva will brutally put 'predictable' Cung Le to sleep in San Jose

"The training has a great flow, thank God. Flowing good, with everything based on the fight. Cung Le can be a predictable guy. We know what to do to match his game. This is a great match for Wanderlei. This fight won't pass blank. Cung Le is going to sleep in this one. In the best way, with brutality. Wanderlei will show everyone that he belongs on top. We are all united for this, and Cung Le will pay the price."

Rafael Cordeiro, the head trainer at King's MMA and the man responsible for preparing Wanderlei Silva for his upcoming fight against Cung Le, shares his prediction for how the middleweight fight will end on Nov. 19, 2011, in San Jose, California. "Mestre" is perhaps a little frustrated that the once-feared "Axe Murderer" has won just two of his last eight fights. He feels that the Vale Tudo, aggressive style of his fighter is tailor-made to short circuit the Sanshou specialist. Anyone care to agree or disagree about the outcome of the fight between Wanderlei Silva vs. Cung Le next month?

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