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Dana White: If Nevada will license Floyd Mayweather, they should license Chael Sonnen

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Everything seemed to be setting up a little too nicely.

First, Chael Sonnen runs through Brian Stann last night (Oct. 8) at UFC 136 in Houston, Texas, submitting him in the second round in the most dominant performance of his Octagon career after 14 months away from fighting.

Fittingly enough, Anderson Silva is in the building thanks to the Fan Expo that was also in town for the event.

Then, Sonnen lays down a challenge in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. He tells Silva how he "absolutely sucks," which the crowd explodes for, while the camera pans to "The Spider," who does not look amused.

Uncle Chael goes on to say he wants Silva on Super Bowl weekend in a veritable "loser leaves town" fight. The live audience eats it up, the Internet damn near explodes and UFC President Dana White can't help but feel the influence.

He later claims he would be "stupid" not to set up the fight. But if he wants to do so during the promotion's annual Super Bowl weekend card, it would have to be in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Sonnen has yet to kiss and make up with Keith Kizer, the Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

Which means it's all too possible Sonnen would struggle to get licensed for the fight. And how does White have to say about this (via MMA Weekly)?

"Chael Sonnen has paid his dues (and) has done his thing, has done whatever. Floyd Mayweather fights in Nevada. This guy's been arrested. He's got 50 lawyers defending him right now and all that crazy stuff and he's fighting in Nevada. Don't even get me going on that one. There's no reason why they shouldn't license Chael. It shouldn't even cross my mind. The thought of whether Chael could get licensed in Nevada or California or anywhere else should be the least of my worries. The guy did everything that he was told to do. When guys like Floyd are getting licensed in Nevada, why should I have to worry about Chael?"

Sonnen's initially landed in hot water with the Nevada Commission after telling tall tales during his steroids appeal in front of the California State Athletic Commission last year.

Naturally, this caused quite the stir with Kizer.

He was scheduled to meet with the Commission a number of times in an attempt to get back in their good graces but that never came to be.

The situation is at a standstill as we speak, and it would seem that if there is a fight between Silva and Sonnen over the Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas, it won't come before a fight in front of the NSAC.

Then again, as White alluded to, controversial boxer Floyd Mayweather has gotten licensed while battling through a list of legal woes that runs a mile long. Maybe it won't be a problem.

Wishful thinking or actual possibility?

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