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Video: UFC 136's Chael Sonnen is the true champion, linear champion, peoples champion ...

… And the best damn middleweight there has ever been:

"Anderson Silva is a nuisance to me and a thorn in my side. But, Im not delusional. I understand what his skill set is, I understand that he's got what I want. I'm not crazy. I get it that he's a good, skilled guy. At the same time, he's a chicken, he's a coward and he won't fight me. [In the rematch] We're going to play for keeps this time. Winner takes all."

We're off, just like that.

For more on the rematch between Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen, which Dana White said would be a fight he'd be stupid not to make as soon as possible, click here. To check out Sonnen's epic UFC 136 post-fight victory speech after submitting Brian Stann, click here.

Anyone got an early favorite?

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