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UFC 136 results recap: Joe Lauzon vs Melvin Guillard fight review and analysis

Photo by Josh Hedges via <a href="">Getty Images</a>
Photo by Josh Hedges via Getty Images

47 seconds.

That's how long it took for Melvin Guillard's hype train to get completely derailed last night (October 8, 2011) and for a potential title shot to slip through his fingers. 

Nearly everyone and their momma picked Guillard to not only win that fight, but to win via knockout in the first round.

So how did Joe Lauzon pull off the upset at UFC 136 despite being a 3-1 underdog according to most gambling sites?

What glaring mistake did Guillard make that "J-Lau" took advantage of to help him seize victory? And what in the world do we do with both fighters now?

From the way he talked about getting the fastest knockout in UFC history, how he stated Lauzon wilts under pressure, it was apparent that Guillard fully expected to steamroll Joe Lauzon last night.

He exploded out of the gate throwing heavy power strikes with every punch attempted, even throwing a flying knee early and then dropping both hands to flex and taunt the Bostonian on the way out.


When Guillard dropped both hands to throw another heavy lead left hook that seemed to be so looping that it started from below his belt line, Lauzon simply beat him to the punch with a short left hand right to the nose that temporarily stunned him.

You can see how completely exposed Guillard was in this position, giving up all his defense in an effort to put everything he had into his punch.

Guillard is absolutely stunned when Lauzon hit him, even though it wasn't the most powerful strike in the world. 

Joe Lauzon is the type of fighter that does everything at 100 miles an hour. When he staggered Guillard with that left hand, he immediately went in for the kill, chasing "The Young Assassin" down. 


When Guillard left himself exposed in a sprawl attempt, Lauzon immediately took advantage and spun to his back, getting both hooks in within seconds. 

Notice how quickly Lauzon transitions to take advantage of his opponent's weakened state, latching on a rear naked choke, rolling Guillard over and putting his hips into the submission to make it even tighter.

Before Guillard even realizes what is happening, he's finding himself tapping out to a man that he was absolutely certain he would be rendering unconscious that night.

For Melvin Guillard, things couldn't get much worse. Many were talking about him being next in line for a title shot but that's completely out the window now. He had all the tools to keep this fight standing against Lauzon and blast him with his superior power but he blew it by not taking his opponent seriously. Perhaps the hype got to his head but Guillard had no respect for Joe Lauzon's striking last night and it cost him dearly. You can't drop your defenses against anyone, especially a man like Joe Lauzon who's famous for blitzing people in the first round.

If the UFC brass still see Guillard as a viable title contender, he'll get a tough fight next against someone like Gray Maynard or perhaps Jim Miller. If they want to rebuild him again, he could get someone like the loser of the upcoming Donald Cerrone vs. Dennis Siver fight or Ross Pearson. Either way, he hurt his chances for contending in 2012 dearly last night.

Give all the credit in the world to Joe Lauzon. He remained composed early when Guillard was throwing heavy power strikes in his direction and not only weathered the storm but fired back and connected. Lauzon didn't waste any time either. When he had Guillard hurt, he swarmed him and took care of business. That's how a fighter is supposed to handle themselves in the cage. It was the biggest victory in his career, by far, much bigger than the Jens Pulver upset in his UFC debut. 

The next logical opponent for "J-Lau" would be someone who's also coming off a win who's working their way back to the top of the division, someone like Anthony Pettis or fellow Ultimate Fighter season five castmate Matt Wiman. If the UFC is really high on him, they could throw him in against the winner of the upcoming Donald Cerrone vs. Dennis Siver fight. Either way, Lauzon has officially arrived.

So what did you think, Maniacs?

Was Lauzon the better fighter? Or did Guillard let a golden opportunity slip through his fingers by taking a fighter lightly?

Sound off!

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