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UFC Quick Quote: Get people down, hold them down and you win fights

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"I'm happy that I got the victory but for me it was like a mental loss because I know I can perform much better than that. I really wanted to focus on my wrestling and my top game against Jeremy and show everyone that I am well-rounded and that I do have wrestling. I think I did that, but I also think I could have done better. When you go to the UFC it's not all about 'showtime' kicking or knocking everybody out. Get people down, hold them down and you win fights."

An interesting observation (via from former WEC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis, who was immortalized for his "Showtime" kick against Ben Henderson prior to joining the ranks of ZUFFA. When the brands eventually did merge, Pettis found his flashy offense stymied by the frenetic pace and suffocating mat work from Clay Guida -- yet employed a similar tactic against Jeremy Stephens at UFC 136 last night (Oct. 8) in Houston, Texas. Has wrestling's "get them down, hold them down and win" mentality corrupted the dynamic striker? Or was this a specific gameplan designed to get the "W" and preserve his standing within the promotion's very crowded 155-pound division? Thoughts?

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