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Jose Aldo vs Kenny Florian fight video highlights from UFC 136 on Oct. 8

Jose Aldo defeats Kenny Florian via unanimous decision to retain his featherweight championship in the co-main event of UFC 136: "Edgar vs. Maynard 3" on Oct. 8 in Houston, Texas. Aldo used superior speed, striking and a far more polished ground game to befuddle "Ken Flo," who likely just lost out on his final chance of winning a major mixed marital arts title. For complete UFC 136 results and blow-by-blow coverage of all the main card action click here. After the jump is blow-by-blow from this fight from our very own Andrew Mendez:

UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo vs. Kenny Florian

Round one: Leg kick from Florian. Another leg kick from Florian. Leg kick from Florian and another. Their landing hard from Ken Flo. Good charging right from Aldo. Left from Aldo. Leg kick from Florian. Florian goes for a take down and Aldo stuffs it and lands a HARD right that rocks Florian. RIght from Florian. Florian with a quick take down, but Aldo scrambles to his feet and now their tied up against the cage with Florian in the dominant position. Florian with a throw take down and Aldo back to his feet and then Florian with a trip take down and Aldo again right back to his feet. Now Florian has the back while standing up and Florian looses it. Florian back to the back. Now they break. Hard uppercut from Aldo. Florian goes for another take down and nothing and now a body shot from Florian. Florian is just relentless with his grappling and he lands a good knee. Elbow from Florian. Elbow at the bell from Florian. 10-9 Florian.

Round two: Right from Florian. Leg kick from Florian. Good left from Aldo. Hard right from Aldo. Aldo with a good right hook and body kick from Florian. Uppercut from Aldo grazes Kenny. Inside leg kick from Florian and a double leg kick from Aldo. Good right from Aldo. Jab from Florian. Jab from Florian. Leg kick from Aldo. Leg kick from Florian. Another inside leg kick from Florian. HUGE head kick from Aldo lands HARD. Aldo tosses Florian to the mat and misses a front kick to the face. Good right from Aldo. Leg kick from Aldo. Florian with a good leg kick. Jab from Florian. Florian goes for the take down now. Right from Aldo at the bell. That round was razor close and almost impossible to score. Ill lean Aldo. 10-9 Aldo.

Round three: Leg kick from Florian. Body kick from Kenny. Nice left and right hook from Aldo. Big overhand right from Aldo. Short uppercut and left hook from Aldo. Front kick from Aldo. Big right from Aldo and leg kick from Florian. Big inside leg kick and then left right combo which lands HARD from Aldo. RIght from Aldo. Jab from Florian. Nice left hook right hook combo from Aldo. Florian ducks under for a take down and Aldo reverses and is on top in full guard!!! Punches from Aldo and Florian slips out into half guard. Good right from Aldo on the top. Punches now from Aldo but Kenny is making him work hard on top. Aldo postures up and good up kicks from Florian. Aldo back on top. Florian scrambles up and eats a right for his troubles. Florian goes for the take down again, Aldo stops it. That is the bell and that is all Aldo. 10-9 Aldo.

Round four: Inside leg kick from Florian. Inside leg kick from Aldo. Right from Aldo lands flush. Jab from Florian. Leg kick from Aldo. Now their tied up briefly. Aldo with a hard right. Florian goes for a take down and is stuffed and Aldo lands a BIG knee! Now their tied up against the cage. Florian going for a high single and nothing there and now their in the center of the cage. Aldo stuffs another take down. Now their tied up against the cage. Knee from Florian and Aldo reverses positions. Florian drops down for a single again. Aldo sprawling out. Right from Aldo and body shot from Aldo and then a left hook from Aldo. Florian ties things up once again. Short elbow from Florian. Hard right from Aldo and body kick at the bell. Close round, ill lean towards Florian for aggression. 10-9 Florian.

Round five: This round according to my scorecard will decide the fight. Leg kick from Florian. Florian charges in for another take down and lands some knees against the cage as Aldo stuffs it. Now their tied up against the cage and Florian trying to work the position but Aldo with good defense. Aldo slips away. Aldo lands a big jab as Florian slips while throwing a knee. Now Aldo lands kicks to the legs while holding position with Kenny on his back. Florian goes for a heel hook and Aldo lands a big right. Aldo lands a big elbow. Aldo mounts now!! Nice right from Aldo. Florian goes to scoot out the back door and Aldo grabs a leg before he can get away. Aldo now on top in half guard. Aldo almost gets to the mount again, but Florian now back to his feet and their clinched up against the cage. Knees from Aldo. Knee from Florian and ref breaks themup. Florian ties it up instantly and Aldo just pushes him into the cage. Lots of grappling against the cage and Aldo seems content to ride out the round, Florian with a right and flying knee that doesnt hit. Left hook from Aldo and Aldo lands a big left hook right hook combo. Knee from Aldo and that is the bell. Round 5 was all Aldo and now well see how the judges scored the fight. In my opinion Aldo won 3 and 5 clearly, but now the other rounds could literally have gone either way so the judges will decide this one. 10-9 Aldo.

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