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UFC 136 Fan Expo Diary: Day two at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston

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While we, as a fight fan collective, recover from the Octagon hangover that UFC 136: "Edgar vs. Maynard III" gave us last night (Oct. 8), I'll spend just a little time reminiscing of a simpler time. A time before Chael Sonnen was issuing "Loser Leaves Town" challenges to Anderson Silva and a Anthony Pettis/Jeremy Stephens fight turned into a grappling contest.

Oh right, that time was yesterday afternoon.

The second day of the UFC Fan Expo started off fast and fierce as soon as doors opened at 10 am local time. As a token of the fight promotion's gratitude, Bruce Buffer was there to welcome all the mixed martial arts (MMA) fans that shrugged off the cobwebs from the previous evening's partying and woke up early.

The first day of the Expo I was able to snap photos as I walked around the George R. Brown Convention Center but yesterday was more business. I sat down and chatted with Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez and future UFC Hall of Famer Vitor Belfort

You can read what Melendez had to say here and Belfort's thoughts here.

Don't worry, Maniacs, I was still able to get a few pictures of the talent that the UFC lined up for the Expo.


Bud Light Lime bounce house. You know, for the kids.


Anthony Johnson hanging out at the Hayabusa booth. After the photo, he shoved my face to the ground and then delivered a nasty head kick before we were separated. I still maintain it was a quick stoppage, though.


This was the line to step inside the Octagon and get a picture taken. Well, it's PART of the line. The full line was about three times longer than what's in the photo.


Nate Diaz in what appears to be some time of time warp. He was signing autographs for fans and I could have sworn I got a photo of him smiling but when I pulled it up on my camera, it was blank...


Oh, "Meathead." Never change!



They had some very cool old school UFC memorabilia in a truck set up outside as part of the Octagon Nation Tour. I can't lie, I got goosebumps when I saw freakin' Royce Gracie's gi.

All in all, going to the Fan Expo is quite a treat if you fancy yourself an MMA supporter. It's got everything you could ever want: grappling competitions, MMA merchandise galore, and some very sexy ladies. Oh, and the fighters are cool too.

And for any of you that happen to be autograph seekers, find out which hotel the UFC has taken over and hang out. You will run into everyone from Bruce Buffer to Urijah Faber to Rashad Evans.

Well, this is Sergio signing off. Hope you enjoyed the weekend!


Ta ta, Maniacs!

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