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UFC 136 results: Nam Phan gets his revenge with decision win over Leonard Garcia

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There was more than one rematch on the UFC 136: "Edgar vs. Maynard 3" main card tonight (Sat., Oct. 8, 2011) in Houston, Texas, as Nam Phan finally got his shot at revenge against Leonard Garcia.

You know the deal with "Bad Boy;" he swings and he brawls and the judges just seem to love his style. He's used it to earn himself many a split decision throughout his career, including a victory over Phan late last year.

It seems only fair that Phan be given the chance to avenge a defeat most felt he didn't earn. But would he find the same result awaiting him a second time?


This time Phan earned himself a 29-28 unanimous decision victory after an absolute war that featured a lot of winging punches, a lot of blood and even more fun for fans in attendance.

The fight began the way most Garcia scraps do with both he and his opponent swinging for the fences like their life depended on whether or not they landed a power shot to put the lights out.

It was Phan that landed the big one in the first round, using it to drop "Bad Boy" and (seemingly) score the necessary points to earn the round.

The second frame featured more of the same. Garcia ate shots and shook them off like he was shooing away a fly. But, as usual, he was failing to land the necessary shots to justify scoring him the stanza. 

The third round can only be described as complete bedlam. Garcia nearly finished Phan, except Nam survived to come back with a takedown late, only to be answered even later by a takedown from Garcia.

Just insanity.

Anyone want to see it again ... just because?

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