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UFC 136: Gray Maynard still angry about draw with Frankie Edgar (Video)

"Before January first, it was kind of just get past it. Then the draw happened and I've just been motivated and it's all I care about. I'm pumped to get in there in a couple nights. He's a good guy, everyone will tell you that he is a nice guy, " he insisted. I'm more angry at the draw. And how did I allow that to happen. I'm pumped to have it again. And to prove to everybody that I can beat him. It's always on me. Judges judge. That's what they call. But for me, I have to make it happen. I have to take that bull by the horns to prove that I'm the man that deserves the belt."

The man who has been number one contender to the lightweight title since 'Nam, Gray Maynard, tells media (via MMA Nation) he's still angry that he allowed his fight against Frankie Edgar at UFC 125 back on Jan. 1 to go to a draw. Nostradumbass thinks that emotion will cost him come tomorrow night (Oct. 8) in Houston, Texas, at UFC 136. Do you?

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