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UFC Quick Quote: 'Popular' Michael Bisping is not like Simon Cowell, he's like the devil

"Someone once said the UK was sending David Beckham to the US to make soccer popular and the US were sending me to the UK to make UFC popular. I don’t like to talk about myself, but on a daily basis I will get stopped 10 times guaranteed. The sport, it’s fair to say, is huge out there. I never imagined I’d have my own action figure or be in an Xbox game. I wish I could say I was the Simon Cowell of UFC, but I’m more like the devil. If you read the Internet you’d think I was hated. Maybe I am, but when I meet anyone the reaction is amazing. I’m the pantomime villain they all like to boo. It’s because the last time I was on Ultimate Fighter I was the coach of Team UK v USA. We wiped floor with the USA and I was very vocal and trying to play mind games. I’m an English guy beating them at their own game. They don’t like that."

Roll out the red carpet, mates, Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 coach Michael Bisping (via Men Media) is here to make an impact -- and get booed in the process. "The Count," who opposes fellow TUF 14 coach Jason Miller on this season of the Spike TV reality show, makes no apologies for his brash approach to the fight game and expects to be under consideration for a 185-pound title shot if he can overcome "Mayhem" at the TUF 14 Finale on Dec. 3 in Las Vegas. Anyone find his shtick endearing? Or have you seen enough of the British banger to last you a lifetime? Thoughts?

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