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UFC 136: Melvin Guillard now hits 'five or six times harder' than he used to (Video)

"It's always good to get help from world class trainers. My agent brought in Henriq, he's a dutch kickboxing champion from Holland, I couldn't wait to go work with him. And honestly, since I worked with him, I've hit five or six times harder than what I was hitting. All because the Dutch way of fighting is very powerful. He showed me some ways of channeling my punches and kicks into a little bit more power. I'm excited myself for Saturday because I'm excited to see what's about to happen."

Melvin Guillard speaking to MMA Nation. Does that mean lights out for Joe Lauzon at UFC 136 tomorrow night (Oct. 8) in Houston, Texas? Or should "The Young Assassin" (via MMA Nation) have traded in some of that power for a refined grappling defense? Who's your pick for this "Space City" showdown?

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