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UFC Quick Quote: Lyoto Machida can take Jon Jones down

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"It'll be a strategic bout, he's a guy who studies his opponents and so do I. Our team is a lot focused and anything can happen. It's hard, he is very versatile and knows a lot of techniques, but we play a similar game. He kicks, I kick, he punches and goes to the ground, I can defend myself and take him down too. Stamina and game plan are things that could define this bout's outcome. Nobody is invincible. We're training for the best, looking to enlarge our body and mind, and that's what I'm gonna do."

-- Sudden light heavyweight title challenger Lyoto Machida tells what he's going to do in his UFC 140 championship fight against current king of the 205-pound mountain Jon Jones on Dec. 10 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. "The Dragon" was afforded this opportunity thanks to Rashad Evan's busting up his hand on Tito Ortiz's melon back in August and he's more than prepared to take advantage of it. He thinks his stamina and game plan are the keys to defeating "Bones," who's looked all but untouchable since he made his way to the world's largest fight promotion in 2008. Nobody is invincible, though, and Machida thinks he can even take Jones down if the fight dictates such a necessity. Let's be honest, Maniacs. Is there any chance Jon Jones isn't the light heavyweight champion on Dec. 11? Any chance at all?

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