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Dana White not worried about UFC on FOX undercard, confident everything will work out

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The UFC will finally bring its brand of combat sports to network television when it offers up a heavyweight title fight pitting champion Cain Velasquez against challenger Junior dos Santos on Nov. 12 at UFC on FOX 1.

That's the good news.

In somewhat troubling news, however, at least to some fans, the undercard portion of that fight card is uncertain. Not the fights themselves; no, the card is filling up rapidly as we speak and, in fact, is almost complete.

The issue fans have is where they will be able to view the fights underneath the heavyweight championship bout that is currently scheduled to be the only match-up that makes the one-hour broadcast.

As UFC President Dana White explains, he's not exactly worried about that right now. Why? Because he's got a great partner in FOX and he knows they'll make it work.

"The undercard for UFC on Fox is the last thing on my mind," White said recently (via MMA Nation). "We'll figure it out and we'll get it up there at some point. I'm more concerned about the production on the big Fox show. They can't air it on Fuel. Our deals are not up until January. That's when we're really in business with Fox. This November 12th fight is just a bonus fight to kick off the relationship. In our Spike deal we can do broadcast on network television."

Indeed, fight fans are simply being treated to an appetizer on Nov. 12 ... if you can actually call a heavyweight championship fight an appetizer.

The main course starts next year when the deal really kicks into gear.

Still, the undercard and how it will be available is a fair question. It's possible that the UFC Facebook page will play host to those fights and that's certainly a viable option.

One thing to consider, too, is the fact that Velasquez vs. Dos Santos could very well end in 30 seconds. If that does indeed end up being the case, that opens for the door for fights like Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson to make the prime time broadcast on FOX.

And with the audience this special is sure to bring, that's one amazing opportunity for fighters looking to gain added recognition.

Whether White can work enough angles to find a way to broadcast the entire card or not, there's no question that this partnership with FOX has created an opportunity for the UFC it has never seen before.

Even if UFC on FOX 1 undercard fighters don't see the spotlight on Nov. 12, the bright lights are still looming in the distance.

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