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UFC Quick Quote: Kenny Florian won't be intimidated by Jose Aldo's reputation


"I think I can ask him serious questions in all ranges of combat. I'm not going to be intimidated by his title or his reputation, as I've seen it all before. I've watched him fight, I've studied him and I know exactly what he can and can't do. I know he's a tremendous fighter with great qualities, so nothing will surprise me on Saturday night. I am prepared for it all. I've been there before, I've been in big fights, and I don't feel Aldo has fought anybody like me before. I don't think he has been put up against anybody as strong and well-rounded as I am."

If you listen to the promotional pieces marketed by UFC, you would hear claims that Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo is a top three pound-for-pound fighter, nigh unbeatable. On top of being the 145-pound king, "Scarface" has yet to lose since becoming a Zuffa employee and now that he's been moved up to the UFC, he's getting the star treatment. Kenny Florian, who will challenge for his title at UFC 136 on Oct. 8 in Houston, sees and hears all of this but it's nothing he hasn't seen or heard before. "Ken Flo," despite the considerable obstacle ahead of him, writes in his ESPN blog that he won't be intimidated by the accomplishments of his opponent. He's watched the tape and done his homework. Aldo, however, has yet to fight anyone of Florian's statue. How much will that affect the outcome come Saturday night, if at all? Anyone think "Junior" lays an egg and Florian finally realizes his dream of winning a major mixed martial arts title?

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