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NBA lockout: Ron Artest vs Rampage Jackson in a charity boxing match?

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After getting whipped by Jon Jones at UFC 135 back on Sept. 17 in Denver, Quinton Jackson is probably eager to get back into the win column.

That could explain why he's chatting it up with Ron Artest through his official Twitter account, teasing a possible charity boxing match between the two stars.

It sure would be a good way to fill some of that downtime for the sidelined cager.

That's because Artest has nowhere to ply his trade now that the NBA has canceled its preseason as it enters its fourth month of the 2011 labor lockout.

The LA Times has more:

On Tuesday labor talks broke down. The NBA canceled the preseason and said it would also cancel the first two weeks of the regular season if there is no collective bargaining agreement in place by Monday.

With the NBA lockout in its fourth month, first-year players are wondering when they will finally get to cash their first checks and trade in their budget lifestyles for five-star hotels, chartered jets and catered postgame meals.

While the b-ballers are finding ways to keep themselves busy while the owners and league fight over who is more greedy, does anyone really think we could see "Rampage" and Artest on Celebrity Boxing?

Or was this just playful banter between two guys with nothing to do but workout and Tweet?