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Josh Barnett training Bobby Lashley for Shark Fights title bout against Darrill Schoonover

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Titan Fighting Championships ... we hardly knew ye ...

Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Bobby Lashley, who was expected to make his sophomore appearance for Titan FC back in July, has now aligned himself with the Texas-based Shark Fights promotion.

Not only that, but the former Strikeforce attraction will be fighting for the heavyweight title in his Nov. 11 debut when he takes on Darrill Schoonover of Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 fame.

Helping him prepare for the big "Boss" is none other than part-time pro wrestler and former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett, who's used to rubbing elbows with "The Dominator" in Japan.

Lashley breaks it down for FOX:

"Josh is a very intelligent fighter. And he's a rough fighter too! I think the one thing I can get from Josh is he understands fighting and that's very important to have someone on your side who understands the fight game, can break down fights and have you fight to your best abilities and that's what we've been doing since I've been with Josh. He's taking my strengths and making them stronger and he's taking some of my weaknesses and tightening them up a little bit. Josh is gonna be a huge asset to my camp moving into this fight and into the future."

More on his new endeavor and what we can expect in his five-rounder against Schoonover, after the jump.

Any fight fans going to give this guy the time of day? Or have you already seen more than enough from the 35-year-old wrestler?

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