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Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode three recap and discussion for 'Bisping vs Miller'

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Episode three of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 "Death Leprechauns" gets underway with "Mayhem" Starsky-and-Hutching his way into the TUF gym parking lot. He brings swimming pool noodles, distributes them, then sits back and watches his team slap the shit out of one another.

Bisping decides to get back at Miller for the tire prank in episode two by delivering some tires of his own -- right from Mayhem's Dodge Charger. Miller tips his hat to "The Count" but vows revenge.

Team Bisping pairs off for sparring and while Mikey asks the team to go at only 60-percent power, things quickly escalate and before you know it Marcus Brimage and Diego Brandao are ready to explode. They eventually hug and make up which is not the way this thing is supposed to end on reality TV.

Is nothing sacred?

Akira Corassani is getting called out for being "that guy," the dreaded attention whore. He defends by saying he is an artist, a creator and an entertainer. While the house sleeps, he fills everyone's gloves with pistachios and marshmallows.

Oh, and Dustin Neace has three testicles. TMI!

Time for the fight announcement and Johnny Bedford (Team Miller) challenges Josh Ferguson (Team Bisping). It's bad blood as they start jawing at the faceoff.

Team Miller training session and Akira's pranks are uncovered. Neace and his triple sack are not amused. It's also revealed that Bedford has a slight hand injury suffered in his qualifying bout.

Bisping and company get their turn inside the gym and they try to pump Ferguson up as a dangerous fighter. They show clips of him unloading on "The Count."

Back at the house, Neace bugs out and dumps seeds in the bed of Corassani, who is fresh off a failed water prank. Akira (with his fedora) storms into the bedroom to give him what for and actually sounds surprised that someone retaliated, claiming Dustin went too far in his quest for vengeance.

No women, no children.

Team "Death Leprechaun" assembles featuring John Dodson, Luis "Green-haired dude" Gaudinot and Josh Ferguson, who call themselves such because they should be fighting at flyweight, if such a division existed in the UFC.

Well, it sure beats "Team Dagger."

Time for the weigh ins and both Bedford and Ferguson make weight without incident. Bisping and Miller trade barbs but regrettably, nothing escalates.

Slow piano solo and Bedford sings the blues. So too, does Ferguson, as we get a little background on each combatant and who they were before becoming TUF guys.

Let's fight.

135 lbs.: Johnny Bedford (17-9-1)  vs. Josh Ferguson (7-3)

Round 1: Both guys come out swinging and back away. Bedford shoots, shakes off a guillotine and takes him down. Against the cage, he postures up and tries to ground-and-pound but Ferguson kicks out and gets to his feet. Center of the cage and both guys do some long distance striking. Bedford clinches and they go to the cage to exchange knees. They struggle for position and Bedford gets a Thai Plum followed by a takedown. More scrambling and Bedford works for a Kimura. He transitions to an armbar and Ferguson reverses but can't keep Bedford grounded and they're back up. Guillotine by Ferguson that goes nowhere. Center of the cage and Ferguson gets taken down. Round ends with Bedford having his back.

Round 2: Brittney Palmer sighting! The wonders of tape delay... Ferguson has a mouse under his eye and comes out throwing hard. Bedford obliges and they spend a minute trading blows. Bedford locks him up and pushes him to the cage where he secures the takedown. From top, he pitter-patters but does little damage. Ferguson looks a little lost on the bottom and gets mugged from five different angles. Bedford gets too relaxed and Ferguson escapes, gets to the center and runs in with a flying knee. Bedford catches him mid-air and turns it into a huge takedown slam. You can hear the optimism just get sucked from the bench of Team Bisping. Bedford to side control and he drives his elbow into the face of Ferguson. Referee Herb Dean ordering Bedford to work, which at first glance seems a bit unfair, as he's doing damage. Round two ends and Ferguson is eating elbows.

Johnny Bedford def. Josh Ferguson via unanimous decision

After the fight, Bisping expresses his disappointment, probably because he's down 0-2. Miller rubs it in before retiring to his locker room to gloat.

Stay tuned next week as John Dodson gets called out for being a mole, a fighter complains that Coach Bisping was "too hard on him," and two fights go off in one episode!

See you in seven!

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