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UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones drops $190,000 on brand new Bentley (Pics)

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Jonnybones</a>
Photo via Jonnybones

How ya' livin' Jonny Bones?

Considering the fact he's now cruising around town in a brand spankin' new 2012 Bentley Continental GT, I'd say he's feeling stupendous.

Even if it cost him a cool $190,000.

That's right, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, fresh on the heels of his first successful title defense, a submission victory over Quinton Jackson at UFC 135 on Sept. 24, spent his "Fight of the Night" winnings on this sweet beauty earlier today. He's been gushing all about it on Twitter:

"Got my first new car today in Vegas #stoked ... 2012 Bentley Continental GT ... Even came with a Bones logo ;) ... One of the best days of my life."

In case you weren't jealous enough, a couple more shots to better show off the pimpmobile after the jump.




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