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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Mitrione apologizes to 'salty' fans for his performance against Cheick Kongo

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"Just watched fight. I know what I did wrong &how 2fix it. Frustrating 2watch it. I c y fans were salty. Learned lesson on big stage ... I'm sorry for my performance. I knew his GP was 2get me on cage. I was too careful of that ... I'll never let a fight like that happen again. Onwards and upwards."

UFC heavyweight prospect Matt Mitrione takes to his official Twitter account following his first official loss inside the Octagon. "Meathead" drops to 5-1 with his uninspired performance against Cheick Kongo at UFC 137 back on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas, one he apologizes to the "salty" fans for. The good news is the former NFLer sounds like he's just as frustrated as the fans, vowing to fix what went wrong in last Saturday night's co-main event and come back stronger. So who do you, as a fan, want to see him matched up against next? Fantasy matchmakers, let's hear what you've got.