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Eric Prindle knockout of Ron Sparks at Bellator 56 (Video)'s own Brian Hemminger with the play-by-play:

Prindle takes the center but Sparks chases him away with a huge looping right hand. Prindle lands a nice leg kick and Sparks responds with a thudding kick of his own. Sparks throws a big left hook and Prindle blasts Sparks on the chin as he throws a leg kick! Sparks faceplants and he's out cold! Prindle dives onto Sparks and gets tackled off by the referee. Awesome finish inside a minute!

While most of the mixed martial arts world was busy with UFC 137 last Saturday night (Oct. 29), Bellator 56 went down at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas, as did heavyweight hopeful Ron Sparks. "The Monster" bounced his kisser right off the canvas and right out of the 265-pound tournament thanks to Prindle power.

And someone please tell the referee that knees to a downed opponent are still illegal.

Full Bellator 56 results here.

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