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B.J. Penn's coach proclaims the 'Prodigy' will be back


After the 15-minute beating B.J. Penn took from Nick Diaz last night (Oct. 29, 2011) at UFC 137, the bloodied and battered Hawaiian shocked the mixed martial arts (MMA) world by announcing his retirement.

Many believed it was a premature proclamation said in the heat of the moment. And rightfully so -- the disheartened former two-division champion had never been manhandled and bruised up in such a manner in his entire career.

However, all Penn fans can perhaps breathe a deep sigh of relief if one is to believe Allan Goes, Penn's Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach.

Last night, after taking several pictures of Penn in his locker room, which Goes later posted to his Facebook page, he relayed the message that Penn's words to him were, "I'll be back." Goes didn't elaborate on what that means, exactly, but it could be good news to all fans who hope Penn's retirement announcement will be short lived.

Stay tuned to further details on Penn's retirement and possible return to the Octagon. For more on Penn's surprise announcement last night at UFC 137 click here.

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