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Nick Diaz vs Georges St. Pierre title fight re-booked for Super Bowl weekend, Carlos Condit agrees to wait


Blow your chance at a title shot by no-showing a pair of press conferences? Check. Find yourself back on the card in a potentially more dangerous fight? Check. Kick absolute ass to the point you're reinserted into the title shot you initially blew? Mate.

That's the rare feat Nick Diaz managed to pull off last night (Oct. 29, 2011) at UFC 137 in Las Vegas. He blew past B.J. Penn, beating the Hawaiian so badly he retired immediately after the bout, and was put back in the front of the 170-pound line for his efforts.

That means it's Nick Diaz vs. Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title all over again, as announced by UFC President Dana White at the post-fight press conference. The fight is tentatively scheduled for to take place on the Super Bowl weekend fight card.

Sorry, Carlos Condit, this match-up is just a bit more important than yours.

"The Natural Born Killer," ever the class act, has apparently agreed to wait and will likely also get a spot on the event against whoever is determined to be "next in line," as White put it.

Who thinks this match-up looks even better now that Diaz has a high profile UFC victory under his belt and had the chance to call the champion out in the center of the Octagon?

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