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Dana White goes in-depth in extensive, revealing interview (Video)

Have you ever wanted to take a peak into the mind of Dana White?

The head honcho of Ultimate Fighting Championships has a penchant for being brass, brutally honest and fiery with the media, but he's commonly talking about current issues, future prospects and competition.

Sportswriter Graham Bensinger recently sat down with the UFC President for an episode of his "In Depth" series to talk about a wide range of issues that many modern fans of MMA may have never heard about.

White disclosed his issues with the Boston mob when he was starting out in the boxercise business and how they ran him out of town, dealing with an alcoholic father and issues growing up that made him the man he is today.

He also discusses the early days of the UFC, back when he was not only fighting to help turn this sport around, but more importantly, fighting to get back many of the things that the previous administration had sold to stay afloat, things like video game rights, fight libraries and even (which had been sold to User Friendly Computers.)

He lastly touches upon many modern talking points like the safety of the sport, fighters Georges St. Pierre, Brock Lesnar and even Fedor Emelianenko, fighter pay and why he'll never have a bad word to say about Donald Trump for as long as he lives.

See for yourself after the jump:



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