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UFC Quick Quote: 'Chael Sonnen has a world-class takedown that nobody seems able to stop'

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Photo by <a href="">Sam Morris via Las Vegas Sun</a>
Photo by Sam Morris via Las Vegas Sun

"His [striking] style is high-volume. Chael goes out there and he puts a pace on. One thing that I've seen, at least, on film -- and he may change this for me -- he doesn't really sit down on a lot of his strikes and try and put a lot of power on them. A lot of it is really there to put a pace on you, put pressure on you and really distract you from what is coming, which is a world-class double-leg takedown that nobody seems to be able to stop. If he fails with it, he comes up with a bodylock where he's fantastic at those, or he'll put you against the cage, and he'll pick you up and slam you to the ground that way too."

High praise for former UFC middleweight number one contender Chael Sonnen, who looks to get back into the blurry 185-pound title picture by taking on the man behind the compliments, Brian Stann, at the UFC 136 event this Saturday night (Oct. 8) in Houston, Texas. The "All American" (via USA Today) is hoping to shake things up in the division and perhaps align himself with the winner of Michael Bisping vs. Jason Miller for a possible contendership bout in 2012. Anyone think the war hero has the battle plan to shock and awe his opponent in "The Lone Star State?" Or will his offense wilt under the "world-class takedowns" of his formidable foe?

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