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UFC Quick Quote: Frank Mir can't call out Brock Lesnar during his difficult time

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"The issues with Brock's health have taken a lot of wind out of my sails. It's kind of hard to want to call a guy out and face him when he's dealing with those kinds of personal issues. He's a father. He's a husband and he's dealing with health issues. I can't think about fighting him when things are along these lines. Once he comes out and has a great performance against Alistair; I'm sure all of those emotions will bubble up again."

-- During his UFC 137 Fight Club Q&A session, Frank Mir tells fans he just doesn't feel the same animosity he once did for his former arch nemesis, Brock Lesnar. That's because the Brockness monster just doesn't have the same bark -- or bite -- he once did thanks to dealing with two separate bouts of the deadly intestinal disease, diverticulitis. The second time around forced a surgery that saw Lesnar lose an entire foot of his intestines. Mir, while a phenomenal heel when he wants to play one, can't bring himself to go after a guy who is dealing with issues like that. The guy isn't heartless and Lesnar has a family. All that said, if Brock can run through Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 on Dec. 30, expect Mir's mouth to get its motor back up and running. Watch the complete Q&A session with Mir after the jump. 

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