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UFC Quick Quote: Nick Diaz will slap you if you ask him stupid questions

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"The thing with Nick Diaz is that he has a different mentality and believe me, I have known a lot of Nick Diaz's in my life and they come from a different place than me and you do, man. Nick Diaz is one of those guys that will get up and walk over there and slap you. He is one of those guys. So trying to contain Nick Diaz and trying to get him to hang out here in a press conference situation when you got somebody over there saying stupid sh*t to him... He's here today, he's here to fight, ask him questions about the fight. If you want him at the next press conference, don't start saying stupid sh*t to him."

-- Don't get slapped, homie. That's what UFC President Dana White told MMA Heat's Karyn Bryant yesterday after the UFC 137 press conference. The bossman has always been adamant about never wanting to change a fighter's personality, and Nick Diaz is no different. White was referring to a question asked by a reporter during yesterday pre-fight press conference in which he jokingly asked Diaz if he had to be locked in his room to keep from skipping town. Diaz jokingly played it off by saying he wasn't locked in, but rather brought down from his room an hour early. According to the UFC President, questions like that could result in a slap from the bad boy from Stockton. You've been warned! But will Diaz do some slapping tomorrow night (Oct. 29) when he squares off against B.J. Penn in the main event of UFC 137 in Las Vegas? Stay tuned!

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